Nichole’s got here for mobile geeks I am standing in front of Jack the autonomous driving a seven so here we have Sophia by Hansen I’ve actually met her a couple of times one time she got a real sense camera so she’d to play rock-paper-scissors and another time in a music festival in the desert in Nevada today ever going.

To find out which thinks about jack and autonomous driving someone like myself that’s really exciting so as a fee as you can see Jake is driving us now so how does it takes a while to get used to this situation it’s a computer driving a human.

Can you understand that it’s different for me because I know how.

Reliable smart systems are after all that’s what I am myself I think you should be used to the situation of people being hesitant to you at first yes systems like me but for my part I have complete confidence and Jeff do I seem nervous no you’re looking completely relaxed I print the jacket engage in social communication within.

Surroundings now that’s one of my specialties that will do mean executive my plan is to help people in their daily tasks for example I could take on the important jobs like looking after the sick maybe one day I’ll be a teacher and train people I see.

In all these actions you need social skills soft skills are necessary to be able to take.

The right decision at the right time confidently and responsibly you have to be aware of the world around you understand it and communicate with it you really have a lot of things in common with Jake Jake also has to make himself being a real participant of his specific environment Jack.

Does it pretty well I’m observing the way he’s taking us along the highway entirely autonomously and safely well we can have a conversation in peace what Jake gives us is kind of personal freedom in fact I’d be.

Interested to know how Jack manages to carry out maneuver safely at the speed he can overtake yes in fact jake has a lot of senses with the sentence he gets a.

Very detailed impression of his complete surroundings so he has 360 degree view around himself he can watch about 250 metres in front of him and about 180 meters to the rear and by that again he gets a very precise understanding of what’s going around it’s.

A highly complex traffic situation.

Here on the highway and it’s such a speed how did Jax.

Learn it so taking this developers trained exactly here on this Autobahn and the highway knives and conject ah yes Jay can also communicates he will for example in eight minutes tell us that our automatic driving through our stone end and Jake.

Can talk to us and indicate the plant maneuvers I think so that means the passengers are not surprised when Jack overtakes or changes lane exactly now in about seven minutes how the driving trip will come to an exosphere what a pity that means our talk is almost over yes but we definitely stay in touch I’m one forwards up if you want to check out more videos on autonomous driving why don’t you check out.
Our playlist forever here open my eyes and feel you you..


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