Hi guys what’s up I hope you guys are doing pretty well alright so today I’m gonna talk about the financial aid and scholarships given my the top-notch vehicles in India there are lot of times you know that I came across students who have been bereft of getting into a top-notch college because they just cannot afford it the family.

Afford it anymore as far as the education no one is concerned human.

India people are still scared of taking education loan which months to 20 22 25 26 lakhs rupees right.

So issue do make embarking a Chiara Papa not education of my MBA 50% costume again shaker secure fit up free maybe Kasich acceptable okay so let’s get started guys alright so subsequently I’m Bart cutting gay I am M the Bucky okay you can go to the I am the vodka website and you can actually check out key hop a scholarships Casey meeting him now gonna yeah URL up with the I happen so up definitely URL except fo you have another Claire katryca a jacuz raraku Roger paragraph is a.

Hot I got update okay it’s poor a paragraph gonna clear cut click on key I am a aspires to give the opportunity the Pacific’s program whatever like PGP agree you know PGP X and whatever like if you require any financial assistance so Joby low gauge income financial assistance key is arruda they’re.
Definitely up you know mmm the bottom was called.

Super Welker sectio this to give us statistics you know as far as business standard is concerned last and business standard next artistic the other job you know ricotta K Herzl roundabout 77 silica 8 crores hijos scholarship with implement the basis of fee waiver wrote I am what I am doctor time to roundabout.

Of the cogito Santiago erotica fee waiver what I am I am am debarred same but show giehlee which is round about 34 percent up 34% matching up a scholarship get.

The expert them right so Jonathan got a IMM debauch Joe India cut top-notch College save AHA baby of.

Course collar ship Milegi Monica ski fees a roundabout 22 lakhs but it’s come on Lavinia with the key are apna mbrp Hansen a corset-y just because of K pass fastening yes Lee so definitely have a scholarship Milegi you can read this paragraph get.

More idea now let’s move to the another top-notch College of India which is I am Bangalow added up I am Bangalore with Octavia P I gotta pay purifier of the Koguryo Claire kudlick I am T I am a Bangalore also.

Tends to give financial aid to all the students would deserve it also if you read the first line which is this the I am Bangalore exchange like I got a PA and I in pull okay I am.

Bangor extends financial aid to.

Students in need of financial assistance okay and I think the basic thing is okay a be having and there could be no student is deprived of an education at the Institute for financial reason your body say that he came in only a pillock I so have I queried Amanda hoga disc a.

Pass fashion now or for nacre sector.

What scholarship Kelly applies 0% I’m fine so Jonathan bother I am Bangalore key.

I am Bangalore is also ready to give you guys scholarship now let’s go ahead and check out some other college let’s have a look at axillary pique by the time it gets loaded let’s see if there is any other college by the way by the other I am Bangalore Kim about to the right I got me I am Bangalore ki baat karu then you will be surprised Jonathan I am Bangladesh observe a lame job business standard.

Nakata according to Business Standard I am Bangalore roundabout date ahem 6 to 7 crore cough Eve ever Herzl Yannick attack ribbon 15% java cello gay boy half a scholarship a very cursive time fair enough so here I am Bangalore comm statistics now let’s move to be another college which is let’s see exhilarate angie to Exeter Academy scholarship Zota hi-yah I grabbed.

A co gate or RP di a key party foundation caricature hair with money actually XLR ma scholarship Shalu curry am a biack which is the key key scholarships case a boutique scholarship ok MBA course start when a caper layup ability a kebab miyako meals at a footswitch colleges with HR people Bardem MLD a couscous college is this your thing I am am debarred Bangalore Java crop quad machine milta octopus I got off.

A later date the beige is a cob jockey of Epirus Carson neo ki are huh main financial assistance key this is a ruler thing definitely to Jotham you select I accelerate key to.

Malika bought us a TA or at home example link it again it’s a very not top-notch College of the country.

One of my favorite by the way algorithm bath curry – that is one second I think that’s a speech and perfect so Jacobi zingy marketing here to SP Jen maybe a scholarship availabe a Jeju HP same car URL that double a double.

Dot expedient over his slash programs slash postgraduates slash scholarship stuff yaha bakeries are they up.

Going up a detailed me information will set ta ki ha pay actual me in key other bar thing get scholarship Kasyapa conductor theater.
You know any happy guy scholarship overview academic scholarship the both.

Tirico say another both Eric type kimchi scholarship so ta a grab the cookie in.

Case of criteria here so you in Quito happy eligibility.

Here so to be eligible happily time to a minimum 75% over 720 GMAT Kapoor Sophia 95% die in only requiring cap fair enough two years and awkwardly Gina got a problem Megara other.

HP Janaka mono agree up a dream b-school ar2a come go to 402 and perform on Caputo he said hum nice and soggy website whaddaya caius ie hey are we really eligible to get a scholarship from HP gem fight the call core it’s a bathrobe.

A cookie sa eggy but love definitely I say yeah but huh episode of.

Motivation shy a top definitely a car sucked a home alright solo a doula college take the head Joe be acting top-notch ecology India calm that is called as is be.

Hyderabad yes sir eyes made their brother.

Grams architect Eero again is K scholarship case may I swear the robot is again a pretty good college but now some college guys yah with both sorry.

Cheese you know the VA I got up they go get married calm yeah once again let me just read.

Through this made it work a guy in a neighbor I in are 5 lakhs to full tuition fee time eh eh is yeah well it is part of me basically I’m a patron so five like silicate – Raghava reduction if you have car wave of us at tired.


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