That Sunday Fabo moon representing the lagos chamber of commerce and industries to join the suits was thrown out by the court with a fine of two million naira per National Judicial Council has defended its decision recommend in the name of honorable justice one knee abbaji to the president for appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court in a.

Statement the ngse explains that a publication by the civic society Network against corruption and asked President Buhari not to forge the name of.

Justice apology to the Senate for.

Confirmation according to the NJC the group had promised.

Its objection to the appointment of justice Apogee on a report which allegedly named him as one of the judicial officers under investigation for allegedly receiving bribe they anxiously explains further quote sequel.
Request of the Attorney General of the Federation in 2016 honourable mr.
justice a body and seven other judicial officers were directed by the council to recuse themselves from performing their judicial functions pending their investigation by.

Security agencies it further clarifies that just as a body and five others were recalled as only three out of the judicial officers then under investigations were arraigned in court since then just as a body said to have been sitting in.

Court and no investigation agency has filed any new allegation against him well that’s it from Abuja back to you iijima lottery reincorporated trustees.

Of TV umbrella body of the TV nation have instituted a 550 billion our fundamental enforcement rights suit against President Muhammadu Buhari and the Metis a la cattle breeders Association of Nigeria they’re demanding the sum as compensation for damages for the victims of herdsmen attacks in venue estate others listed as respondents in the suit are the incorporated.

Trustees of the mietek allah apart from the demand for monetary compensation the plaintiffs are asking the court for an order directing president Buhari to provide adequate and effective security and protection to all surviving victims and members of the affected communities in their ancestral homes and everywhere in been West eight issues chronicled the several attacks by armed herdsmen in the state leading to destruction of lives.

And property including schools hospitals worship centers markets as well as farmlands now the trial judge has ordered substituted service of the court processes on the respondents through newspaper publications and hearing is fixed for October the 24th 2018 the Honorable state government has set up a nine man committee to deal with issues of encroachment.

Of structures and activities on the grounds of the haqqani BM International Airport at the team’s inauguration the state’s Deputy Governor Cecil is Liu pointed out that the action was to rid the airports of intrusions and its keep in keeping with safety standards March 5th 2018 the Minister of State for Aviation arrives to inspect the newly resurfaced economy BM Airport runway in a new GU state southeast Nigeria he relays his finest to.

His hosts the governor of the seven months down the line a committee is being inaugurated to make the recommendations the reality this all-encompassing committee will finally deal with all issues related to.

The encroachments of land around the runway of the a Canadian International Airport and other related matters and advise the government on all necessary steps to be taken to ensure full safety operation of the airports which include the relocation of the mast to a new sites who do it with the speed required to ensure that we play only two parts in supporting the state government’s commitment to ensure full operational activities at.

The airport for the airport manager who says work on relocating the mast has already begun the efforts of the committee will put problems of poor lighting to rest at the moment we have lights at the edges of the wrong way and the ends of the wrong.

Way but we don’t have the one that extends beyond one kilometer from the end of June and that is very critical.

At one end of the row which is these two streets you have a market I still there that one we still impede the installation of the first light in that area according to the Minister of State for aviation only these changes are made can the airport operate more than daytime flying in true international style from aviation let’s take a look at some business news news on wild you first first Bank thanks a lot Iijima and welcome to business news the.

Senate has approved President Muhammadu Buhari request for the implementation of the new external capital raising of 2.
7 billion dollars and the external capital.

Raising of eighty two point five million dollars to refinance the balance of five hundred million dollars matured euro bond from the international market the chairman of the committee on local and foreign debts an attache who.

Sonny who presented the report says the approval will reduce the cost of borrowing and debt profile of the country the Senate is however advising the federal government to.
Reduce its request for more.

External borrowing and source for better ways.

Of generating revenue locally that is to approve the issuance of 2. dollars from the international capital market approved in the 2018 appropriation acts and two.

That decided to approve the issuance of eighty two point five four million u. dollars to refinance the port balance out of 500 million mature euro fund in the international capital markets three that decided to approve the issuance of.

The abode but advised that the federal government shall do everything possible to reduce or limit is request for more S&L borrowing and some other means of generating revenue internally this is to avoid a cleverly marriage with conquer step of a.

Hand of our country let’s take a look at the Nidoran stock market it ended in bearish sentiment today following huge profit taking across all four major sectors of the NSE particularly the industrial goods sector let’s join to us the additional for the.

Details hello and welcome to the.

Stock market report the domestic stock market failed to sustain the modest recovery earlier recorded in Tuesday’s session as we need profit taken by short-term investors hit Wednesday’s performance the Anestis main index reverted to negative territory down by 0.87 percent as heavy sell pressure from four key sectors of the market knocked off 104 billion naira from the total.

Value of listed equities top three worst performers out of 22 losers are the share price the four Medeco you ACN and law union while the best price performance among ten gainers are the shares of Continental reinsurance cartax and Africa Prudential overall volume of shares traded for the day stands at two hundred.

And forty point seven six million units of shares in the Le 5000 deals with the shares of Zenith Bank UVA and.

Fidelity banks the lead volume drivers that’s the stock market report I am toasty additional thanks a lot olson US and European markets have ended midweek trading session.

Following reports of upcoming interest rate hike by Federal Reserve’s and twenty three point four percent drop in European car sales last month meanwhile it’s a positive performance for African and Asian markets you and that’s.

News tonight thank you for watching I’m an why would do it’s back to you Gemma you first first Bank thanks a lot.

Anne still ahead on the news at 10:00 middle weight world champion.

Canelo Alvarez signed a five-year 11 fight deal for 365 million dollars in the highest paying athlete contract in sports history that’s on sports who stands you.


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