Alright the beard has gotten too long and straggly biggest time to look a little more fresh that’s said fresh not French that’s better alright Montreal Monday we’re going for breakfast but first we’re gonna get some bagels alright Montreal is world famous for its bagels and that subject is gonna require a video of its own today we’re not doing.

The bagels of Montreal I’m just gonna get a dozen bagels for my wife’s lab meeting this morning but we’re gonna go for breakfast to a place I’ve been.

Talking about for a while to show you what they serve Snowdon delicatessen okay I’m an idiot because I forgot my wallet so I have to take the pugs for the walk now go back and get my wallet then go get the bagels in about seven minutes hurry up hurry up if any of you ever see me on the street getting a little frustrated at the dogs that’s why they’re absolute for terrors oh and now that he’s nice.

Buddy his leash that’s good yeah I think Cesar Millan said this was good timing oh okay let’s go help go there I need to run back up my walls okay oh okay let’s go this is always a very flattering angle but it’s the one I use when I.

Don’t want to get other people in the video look up my nose look at it but I get a dozen white seat six no thing nothing Japan six Black Sea and is there any chance I can get behind there just take a few videos of.

The bagels this is a real wood stove down there this is a new type of b-roll this is b-roll for bagel roll okay let’s get out of here thank you very much hey guys I created a new b-roll this morning fatal roll I’ve.

Got a new b-roll it’s called the bagel roll yeah see mom like the joke construction and detours pure Montreal alright so interesting thing about those orange cones I looked into this and they cost the city anywhere between seventy five cents and the dollar 50 rental per day per cone throughout the city so whenever you see one of those cones know that it’s costing the city a dollar or a dollar fifty per day.

Per cone to sit there in the streets totally fascinating now we are here this is the Carey Street behind me and that is the Snowden Theater right over my this shoulder left shoulder okay so the Snowden Theater actually has a really cool history it was.

Built in 1937 designed by someone named Emanuel booty bump who actually designed the interior of Mont Hills Rialto Theatre in.

1968 for whatever the reason it started showing x-rated.

Films in 1972 it ran Charlie Chaplin films for the entire year it closed in 1982 and in 1990.

Was reopened as a shopping center I think we can imagine how that turned out there used to be a.

Second floor that was evicted for.

Safety concerns from the roof the city of Montreal owns the building are owned the building and had no plans to do any repairs on the roof so they evicted the tenants the building was subsequently bought by some developer for 1.6 million dollars with the sole stipulation that whatever they do it that they keep the original facade and that is a history of the Snowden theater and now we are at the Snowden and I am hungry you would have.

To actually come here to appreciate the smell it smells like salty sausage smoked meat car.


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