So what it is issue boy jinx welcome back to the channel now honestly I should have seen this coming soon as I reacted to the video I knew I already knew in my mind that they were gonna make a video so I didn’t go to the channel on purpose so I could react to it I shouldn’t either yesterday.

Cuz I knew it was gonna happen but whatever I’m here with it today so uh we’re gonna take this.

Out how the Lakers lots of room was after the fight last night by the best group on YouTube are DC world one that’s that’s true fag bro I’m an Indiana Pacers fan so I know their last Steve this.

Thing can get a little crazy with his tactics I mean we all seem to blow into everything but Lance Stephenson again even worse tonight you know I said no that was nothing that was nothing.

At all that was just the most popular that way that would Lance in the slide and so I honestly thought Lance is gonna spark too but I’m.

You did so shout out to them for like actually putting that as a line in this video that’s so done like picking my brain oh right now with a big leader on side say that was hurting man I said picking my brain but I meant taking a lot.
Of people’s wrinkles I know a lot of people thought.

That Lance Stephenson was gonna spark for sure I don’t know a lot of people thought that Lance Stephenson I pictured him I’m being like if his.

Quicker was just a little bit quicker he’s been like Ron Artest but like the same thing would have probably happened all over again and been a Detroiter some you don’t saying but anyway that was hilarious it was.

Already on point and the thing I forgot to like uh address in the first video was the LeBron situation which he had he basically said I put I put my response in the comment section but I don’t know I didn’t see it in the video so I won’t see him.

Right now but he basically just said it for me like a lot of people were like LeBron you a snake you left your team got a yacht I’m like dude peep this and we.
On the basketball court whooping now I just so happened to get picked up by.

This team or I just went to this team because it’s hell that’s what I want to do but if we hope just cuz I thought your team don’t mean that I’m young homie so if.

Something happens in you on my basketball pigma homie I’m gonna hit you like I’m not you know saying so I wasn’t mad at LeBron walking.

Away with cp3 I’m like that’s that’s like his best friend you don’t say yeah like yeah I get.

It oh it’s a team it’s a team sport you guys think about the politics fuck the politics bro my mommy get hit I’m gonna check on mama me too like before all the politics I’m gonna good Hadji.

Like you you you’ll be lucky if I don’t swing.

Like you don’t saying like y’all should be lucky LeBron didn’t swing on niggas like LeBron.
Is look boy I just don’t feel like alright Pete.

But that’s gonna feel like Kimbo coming across your shit I’m telling you but uh hey that’s just my thought on it but yo this was hilarious as always best group on YouTube is always say man and I’m.


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