Alright guys it’s going on this is D car lady coming at you alright we are live here recording like I say guys we’re gonna talk about today for our final X alright this is our team mastermind for our funnel X so we’re gonna be discussing a couple things you’re gonna be discussing and our first session going to be.

Marketing strategies as it relates to the struggles that you guys are currently having if you have a struggles we’re just going to talk about it so everything that we talked about today is going to be surrounded by you know different ways to market is whether it.

Be the type of poster put out whether it be putting you in contact with the right training that we have and.

It grew all of that good stuff so it is I’ll tell you what.

It’s not for it is not for complaints right it is not for what was me it is not for if you have an issue that you can’t get your link to work or something like that it was a technical difficulties we are not going to discuss technical difficulties.

On this call alright like I said this is talking about the shoulder that you guys may or may not be having what’s also what’s working for you so that way we kind of all discuss some things.

You know we’re all kind of new to this as far as funnel X you know it’s not like any of us have been in front of X for more.

Than two months I think I probably been ended along this and I think two months is like right where I’m at so you know we got a lot to discuss amongst each other once we get done with that then.

We’re gonna have another session consume only goes for 45 minutes right so once we exhaust that first session gonna come right back and we’re going to talk about some some exciting things not putting together for our team specifically for our team you know whoever is in my downline easy what we’re gonna talk about some of our bonuses and all that good stuff that I.

Put together to encourage everybody to keep rockin out keep making money alright so with that being said um I got some names here if you want to put on your cam you can you don’t have to I got your names listed up here so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna call out some of you guys names and then unmute yourself because I want.

You to you know answer like I said you will have to participate because that’s what it’s about it’s not gonna be me rambling on to you you gonna have to you know give me some.

Feedback and everybody gonna have to do some input to make this work so let me start with uh let me start with Carol let me start with Carol let me ask you first care yourself on Kara have you put your funnel together Carol and start have you done oh I’m still working on that as I mentioned to you because I was sick for what you.

Do to me yeah you did but I actually was when I got home I opened there to see what I mean if you know was.

Missing I’m working on it okay perfect perfect okay um in the meantime of that you know I know you said you’re working on putting it together everything in the meantime of what you want to do is you also want to check out the trainers that’s already been recorded inside of the passive income passive income superstars group Amish.


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