Hi everyone and welcome back to a food Friday or if you’re new here hi and welcome please don’t forget to subscribe the buttons just down below I upload on Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays today’s video is of what I eat in a day this was filmed on a Sunday but I realized that I actually hadn’t filmed an intro to.

This video yet I’m sorry I was meowing at me yeah actually I’m filmed an intro to this video yet so I thought I would do that now I hope you guys enjoy the.
Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and we’ll get straight into.

It agent I’ve come to MCQ in cotton trees in Mali and because I made this myself no she bought it some sardine and water Oh Jane I’ve just finished lunch and we’re going to share this cronut for dessert from front top time is currently quarter to 10:00 and we’re just having dinner now so.

You may think that’s late but that’s about normal for us and ages made a pork knuckle roast with cauliflower mash.

Let’s call – 5 X 5 shots salad like cheese and and.

Then for dessert I got one of these at the shops today which a little reindeer malteaser which are my favorite things to come out around like Christmas at 8:00 the time Maltesers always bring out these chocolates in at.

Easter they’re funnies and then we got this tip from bread top so you know we had the cronut at lunch we also have this coconut coconut and things which I’m so excited now I get to eat my chocolate and we’re gonna share.


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