He was up guys I’m sure hung Kathy from Terrence Katz and welcome to another video in this video I’m going to tell you about 1200 new whatsapp tricks that you should know these tricks are so cool that they will help you use what’s have been a more fun and productive way some of them are so awesome that they.

Can be called hacks so let’s begin if it is your first time here don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to never miss any updates.

First up on the list is listen to audio by ear piece if you ever receive an audio note and don’t want anyone to hear it except you you can just click on the play button on.

The audio note and hold it near you yeah for example I will show you you can play button and hold it new year what is happening is this the proximity sensor detects your Europe and the message is played through the earpiece this can be really helpful when you are in a public place or in the front of your friends and family.

And don’t want them to hear your audio note this is a great simple trick if you want to emphasize a certain word.

By changing its font you can change it easily by just typing the word or phrase and just hold it and select it and just click on the hamburger icon and there you can see you can change the font to bold italic strikethrough mono space as you.

Can see this is a cool trick the latest feature whatsapp is now that you can send apps games or.

Any other file through whatsapp directly I’m gonna show you how to do that just click on the pin icon then choose document and there you can see you can choose any apk just.

Click on the apk or any other file you want to send any zip file etc and then just click on send as you can see it will be sent no more you do not have to use enter shade or any.

Other file sharing app you can do it right through the whatsapp app that’s also you can use whatsapp without a number for that you need two apps the first of them.

Is parallel place the link will be a description below you can download it from the Play Store but you have to do you have to just click on the parallel space app now you have to just.

Clone the whatsapp app as you can see it’s glowing now just click on to open it they’ll be ads you can just ignore them starting whatsapp Adriene continue as you can see there’s.

Create another fake phone number you need another app called primo I’ve already downloaded it you can download it.

From the Play Store you have to just sign up after signing up just give you the required permissions as you can see there’s a primo US phone number just click on activate just click on.
Free tile bye as you can see this is a primo u.
phone number just copy this number as you can see this primo US number just copied this number and paste it on the whatsapp page then.

Click on next it will try to verify as you can see the SMS option will not work you can just click on call me and you it will be verified you can use this whatsapp account for whatever thing you like to do Chadd bubbles this is exactly what it sounds like like in the facebook messenger you can now use chat bubbles for your whatsapp chats and I can easily use chat bubbles for multi messaging as you can.


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