Alex Jones did a segment the other day lamenting the decline of religion in America masses from the church the percentage of young adults with no religious affiliation has nearly quadrupled since 1986 and they bring in the video games they bring in the slime fights they bring in the paintball and no one wants to go to the church because.

They’re not churches they’re social clubs what they need to hear is real teaching about the world and the nature of good and evil and the spiritual world all around us.

Because in that is the spiritual power and people will feel it and they will see it and you won’t be able to keep them away from it I guarantee you that if I went and started a church within two.
Years that have ten thousand members every Sunday and I’m not even.

That good of a preacher I would just lay out the Bible and talk about the.

Contest between good and evil and compare it to every day it’d be three hours of preaching every Sunday people aren’t in the churches.

Because they’re not hearing what the church really is a coming together of the Brethren an understanding and then a launching of that operation out into the world to save people but now you’ve got the great falling away taking place because they shut the churches down and I’m not saying you can’t have the Spirit of God the spirit of Christ the Holy Spirit of churches 501c3 their lot of people that still preach the gospel and if I.

Won’t see three but there’s so few of them that that you ask why’s everybody falling away because they got rid of the real churches and the real Holy Spirit being in those churches they got rid of the real Holy Spirit being in those churches the real Holy Spirit Alex what is the real Holy.

Spirit was that mean so you think that that’s literal that there’s literal like holy spirits flying around and fucking like ghosts and there’s demons too I’m sure there he know thinks that there’s demons because he’s done segments where he says Obama and Hillary Clinton are literal demons he’s done segments where he talks about how there are reports that Obama smells like sulfur exceeds control by David so this this.

That we’re dealing with by the way you’re not edgy you’re not cool you’re not keeping it real you’re none of those things so again find it wild fascinating but also wild that and mind-numbingly stupid that this guy you know he’s over two million subscribers on YouTube if you’re following him because you think it’s like performance art and so it’s interesting fine gotcha cool but if you think he’s telling the truth oh he just said the real Holy Spirit like that so.

Many layers removed from making sense what honest person would say that like what I know I know I saw the whole I know the Holy Spirit is real it’s real what I know it’s real no you don’t you have no fucking idea you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know goddamnit and then so what’s he talking about there he says they shut that they shut the churches down and then he talks about you know what.

501c3 or whatever was what he’s saying.

Is churches are now non-political and he doesn’t like that and he thinks that they’re not preaching the gospel the right way because to him the gospel the right way is political now the reason why that’s the case is because churches are tax-deductible now I don’t think they should be tax deductible.

But certainly if they’re gonna be tax deductible they cannot be political so I mean if that’s the case really that then why can’t why can’t secular talk be tax exempt all we are is political so all I would have to do to be tax exempt is pretend like I’m talking to Jigglypuff in space like no this is.

It I’m not just doing a talk show I have a direct line to God and.

Now I’m gonna talk about politics while pretending I have a direct line to God therefore under Alex Jones brilliant idea of what our laws should be we should be tax exempt now if I stop pretending I have a direct line to Jigglypuff in space or a.

Wizard in the sky the second I stop pretending that well now I shouldn’t be tax exempt because I’m just talking about politics but if you.

So he wants people to be in churches do political rantings let’s be clear he wants super far right-wing political rantings again.

Some fucking globalist and old Trump is great he wants that and he wants was people to be.

Tax free also it’s insanity it’s insanity so when he talks about oh they they shut the churches down he means they’re not they’re not political.

Anymore and he thinks that back when they were political like that’s when they were truth-telling really that’s what it is so in other words you know he thinks Pat Robertson’s a truth teller John Hagee Jerry Falwell.

Those kinds of characters the few.

Who are political and are religious he looks.

At those guys and he’s like there they go telling the truth.

Again those guys are the biggest con artists in the fucking country we did we just covered a story what’s his face one of the other ones Kenneth Copeland and another televangelist they were preaching about how oh my audience needs to pay for my.

Private jet cuz God wants me to have it these are the truths Ehlers to.

You Alex Jones mister there’s a conspiracy everywhere somehow miss the biggest fucking conspiracy organized religion you missed it you missed it somehow the one where the guys are on TV they’re dressed nice they say they believe in Jesus but they’re calling for their poor audience to.

Pay for their fucking second private jet that one’s not a scam that one’s not a conspiracy everything else is a conspiracy dipshit dipshit this guy is and then two other points one of them is he says in the middle there if I was a preacher I would lay out the Bible oh yeah cuz that’s fuckin really brilliant yeah lay out the Bible are you gonna talk about the parts.

That have slavery in it are you gonna talk about the parts that are pro-choice where they literally argue hey if your wife cheats on you she she should have bitter water which will make her miscarry which is another word for abort so if your wife cheats on you she should get an abortion that’s in the Bible you’re.

Gonna preach that part I’m gonna preach the slavery part you gonna.

Preach the genocide part put that aside are you gonna some of the New Testament happy-go-lucky hippie Jesus stuff are you gonna teach that you’re gonna teach how you’re supposed to treat your this adjourn ur as your brother what does the journal mean in today’s context immigrant treat immigrants like your brother you now pro-immigrant is that what you are are you.

Now in favor of a strong social safety net to help the poor like Jesus’s are you now a pacifist and you want to turn the other cheek so even if we’re attacked we shouldn’t attack back cuz that’s Jesus’s message that we’re gonna do you know preach the Bibles are we gonna do buddy putting all that aside it’s not even true it’s not even true it’s equally as incorrect as the bhagavad-gita and.

The Quran but genius Alex Jones thinks my mom and.

Dad had done told me Christianity is correct so that’s what I’m gonna fight for Christianity because your rube you’re not that smart there I said it and final point here’s my counter theory Alex maybe people are leaving the church because they think they’re spewing bullshit it’s not that oh if they go back to being more political then there will be telling the truth no we now live in the age of the Internet so back in the day if you were if you.

Heard something from your teacher you heard something at your church you might not have the means to fact-check it now we have the internet now you could look shit up and be like oh that’s that sounds crazy what the preacher said so I mean I think it’s also true that the decline.

In religion has a lot to do with the fact that there are more things that entertain us now so it is true we do have video games we do have Netflix.

And we do have all these other.

Things to fill our time so you’re gonna be less interested in dabbling in metaphysical voodoo bullshit but yeah I mean.

We it’s the information age so that will always be the natural enemy.

Of religion because the more.

People learn the less likely they are to be religious so I love how he leaves out the most obvious explanation I mean you want to talk about Occam’s razor Occam’s razor is why are people leaving the church there’s more information and they’re.

Church’s bullshit that’s it but that doesn’t suit as narratives so he comes up with this convoluted bullshit theory shocker.


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