And welcome to another episode of carbs Yan Cheu we sit in the car MBS wall could see be carbs Matt sign here so I was at the mall the other day going and buying some stuff for VidCon and I went by Auntie Anne’s and I never go there anymore cuz they they wouldn’t get any exclusive stuff they haven’t.

Had exclusive like or new flavors of anything in forever so but I would looked up names like oh they have some new stuff they have these lemonade’s now basically it’s a sour patch kids lemonade.

And a swedish fish lemonade now the flavors of lemonade aren’t actually the lemonade itself so so what happens so you gotta take the top off well so you take the top off like that and you’re supposed to pour the candy into Oh God.

Into the shake as such okay I had to pour out a ton the employee did not calculate the fact that the the candy has a density to it alright so there’s one sweet fish now this one I’m.

Worried about this one Oh God this was spilling a little bit when I was oh Jesus okay we gotta take this carefully okay so we can put out a little bit.

Get that candy in there oh yeah see now this one makes sense to me cuz this one has a lot more of.

A sugary substance going on you’re not gonna you’re not escaping alright so both are done candies are mixed in we’re gonna start with the swedish fish first kind of mix that canter and see if it doesn’t mean thing also make sure to click the stupid little bell icon.

Thing in the corner not ensure you get all our videos wait you have a better chance of getting them because youtube is currently treating the food channels like crap alright so let’s try it out there we go that’s so good that is that is just pure unadulterated sure you can actually taste a.
Hint of the swedish fish like causing an effect now.

Yeah the idea is to mix it into the lemonade but if you want you know you can just eat the candies as well while you’re sipping on this because the straw.

Kind of is outside of the barrier don’t contaminate a frog’s that is absolutely delicious I’ve always loved Moll lemonade anyway it’s just my jam so I’m gonna give.

This a very solid 5 out of 5 I’m super excited for him me sour patch kids right now also follow us and back us.

On patreon that helps a lot more than you guys know cuz at this point like I said it’s getting pretty bad it’s getting pretty bad for a lot of the food challenge channels not just us help everybody man help any food-related channel that you can cuz right now it’s not going well.

All right so the sour patch kids let’s do it whoa oh my god whoa that’s sour oh that is so fucking good Wow oh my gentle Jesus that is ooh that is like just doing a full-blown warhead but without it being so sour and that’s unpleasant for a couple seconds this is absolutely amazing.

I actually was like there’s no way this swedish fish 1 is.

Going to be talked by the sour patch kids want it totally does I’m gonna rate this a 5 out of 5 a seal of approval wow that is an amazing beverage who would ever thought mixing some sour candy into some lemonade would produce the most one of the most amazing malt beverages I’ve ever had mMmmm I want.


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