Good morning folks day one out here on the river enjoying a nice cup of free-range we actually bought this little kit to make coffee if you guys want to know how we did it you come to stay tuned in the next episode we didn’t film anything I basically woke up early and when I did it before John was.

Awake before you started this guy right here free-range if you guys want three oranges really awesome coffee company they came out with a duck blind roast for that for you duck hunters or.

Who wants to wake up early in the morning and have some energy tell me the stuff will stuff will give you some energy get you ready ready for the day whether your duck hunting deer hunting bass fishing don’t matter but.

I just want to let you guys know that that.

Want any link is down in the description if you like coffee that’s that’s my favorite out of all of them wakes you up tastes great I’m ready to get my day started I think it’s gonna it’s gonna.

Fuel feel this day I’ve got a good feeling I think we’re catching big fish but we doesn’t know what I’m doing today I’m out here with Bubba he is the alligator gar guy and he catches absolute dinosaurs long story short he’s got some old records caught some 250 pounders and I’ll leave all the stuff Instagram website Facebook YouTube everything down.

Below if you guys want to come to exactly what I’m doing today you guys.

Want at home wanna come do it click the links down the description you go and go check it out but I’m pretty excited John’s pretty excited hopefully he catches a fish today hopefully I catch fish today last night was a little little tough missed some fish only only had a few bites I think I hooked one but didn’t land anything so hopefully today changes that pretty excited ever caught an alligator gar.

Before you guys stay tuned oh really oh oh wow that’s really good nothing like some jalapeno chatter deer sausage in the morning if they set up camp on the river looking for some River monster some dinosaurs all right we got all three rods out when we put on for bait we make do we mix it up today just all.

Only the best today I like it so we got the car rigged up for car or three car pads on three different rods.

Supposedly that is the best according to VAWA and hopefully we can catch a big fish today starting to see a couple bites here.

And there but nothing nothing too crazy but I’ve got a good feeling I think we catch.

Big one again I just spit it out right now we’re just getting outsmarted by these guys being a little.

Difficult today we’re sitting there whole time like that’s a little fish that’s a little fishy sitting there jerking that’s a little fish on my ride I’m gonna pick it up then just really need to kind of get it out his mouth and then you just seem that he decided he’s gonna go all the way to the Gulf of Mexico uh scar.

Fishing stuff is insane we thought we that was right at the boat like two feet away we thought just a little guy nibbling a pretty big we got one running downriver now and we.

Got one running oh that’s small oh my gosh okay okay yep we got one apparently this is a baby I don’t know I guess.


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