Oh ease my nerves before I start shaking nigga out on this suitcase it is if I have a nice gamble I’m uploading bitch and I’m not on see that thing so I upload my videos saving them after every game if anything if I can I’ll be making highlights but I never keep making them different problems I don’t need.

To say water I’ll make highlights all the time man born in this a in the future man y’all kitchen man we’re gonna tell you our lane get but it’s the D name and you know I might.

Do a video and Exxon which I think I was her name you know one thing I might do a video of this shirt I see what may as I get out of you know with Oman quick they’re gone long song bed little anal clip I’m a pig I.

Don’t what I’m gonna put hey how you do that they change it’s numb now in your last year so I’m gonna tell.
You that out when its power.

I was a happy again so you know what I think that out but just to up build it like I wrote it to from your something around take a picture so I could take a creature of Paulina I can take a picture myself yeah I feel like you know do all the other.

Extra stuff on you be doing with any following I think cuz it’s like okay I just found out you can do this nothing yeah so you go basically go to watching it’s called you team studio this is my.

Team after that you just know right you could take a picture something and then you just like so making your arm so gallery or whatever the it is you know your foods or whatever Leena shock before you hurt yourself stop jumping on my chair I told you playtime get you.

– I’m that much say no get it out get off my chair and stop jump if I come in here you jump it I’m beating your butt.

But you already got Baxter’s behind my thing when I scream then you got bites in my swing you know I’ll kind of stuff in my string when I was going with you got toys in the best it’s younger.

Okra basket I’m gonna show y’all what’s in it that he broke my damn basket yeah I had to Bobby I know where she broke this basket she put all her toys in here you see this she broke my basket and now she got all the toys in there like it hurt and that’s what today it was like I had the.

Basket for like eight nine years almost seven eight years and she’s broke my basket.

All the toys to my basket that’s why their basket back there guy didn’t know that she’d be grabbing stuff uh-huh that’s.

What it that’s cheesy doing on that I just don’t get mad at it somewhere she’s broken I.

Bought me a new one well Paulie to go in a tiny office mystic and I’m gonna be.

Back then she gonna be jumping off your chest and so I don’t know the hands gonna be doing when I’m gone yes you do and I’m known to think I don’t we know this is I’d be catching on so not stringy I should take my phone either and this one we gonna take my phone imma catch someone watching us I’ll be back it’s like entertaining to me watching on this vertical who I be thankful oh well Jenny you see the new update for night.

Never seen it know everything y’all do like zombies in the game she made a thing I’m missing here yeah I was watching it all that would text them tell them all I can you make a myth don’t catch you a counselor but talk that Buddha was making when your minutes start out hi Piper he coming to put this you know anybody’s whole outfit so DJ yeah I’m gonna whip this up real fast with.

That let’s go real fast with the whip it real hard let’s go next rocky keep all my BAM yelling I like the work I got see nothing to stop it y’all hold on I can hear six four nine I’m trying to give y’all.

The tickets free Gil today all right let’s go tell me Jenna so I don’t have internet on my phone Ginny coming out of shared my god I am on to game chat what do you.

Say how can I hear you my game chat bill you come in uh no I think I don’t mind games you what you say he’ll come to bat yeah I do I just go back enjoy a good trade you got me how do you people gonna do I will drop a like okay well I will unlikely that we might feel little midget today.

Halloween you got some great news I could put oh no no no god damn green shoes I can put on your trip in.

It a lot of power think I know good brain to any trip that I do anybody they don’t kill I don’t have a Scooby Snack associated shriek a street nigger I’ll them up right now.

Talking that make it all be giving back menu and.

The bride the bar coming okay look I’m sorry I’m don’t put the suit.

Their blood boil do it over there actually I was like I’ll fix know that with that damn prorate though but I know it’s certain to me yeah you sleeping already bra mom oh yeah log down defender better not Chuck down I bet it takes my shot right there Jr look bad that’s a peasant okay I got it this thing man I feel like.

A mistake highlight shut up like a snake oh my god scary-ass passes you do you did he did you know why who’s not bustable good one in the postal do me out with me are.

You pushing out in the background like that’s a phone or even power line on the downside being on my brain oh no no stay low stay low stay low Oh daddy.
Phony oh I finally got my difficulties.

Up to the Hall of Fame for hell yeah I think it’ll wait I got behind you I did do that that’s what happened well I did that I didn’t teach you a.

Bit like around it with you behind me I’ll get the ball I’m gonna try to hold on Oh this oh oh you should make sure that took that you doing huh you keep bringing your do dog that likes not wrong with you guys you shouldn’t took that too now understand no I.

Don’t want to stand still bro this thing I went for.

A running jumper bro yeah three turnovers all ready like playing everything you’ve done accident over lockdown bribe do you own a thing – taming the concept for a basketball right now that you got a lockdown people away.

From us they’re the pranic of the TV he he any world wasn’t I bear in his ass you know I’m saying stop breaking up to me bro then he just rip me or anything no free time I was already because you keep bringing a dude over here anything right.

Behind me like the Balkans go back to him associate you know that this don’t work first off this why you guys get away all the walls bring a clown over here I’ll go to this now I didn’t watch oh do or what did I just watch him and bring about I know I know.


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