Hey what is up guys it’s Puma reach up here and today I’m back with my old content and today I’m playing Skyblock again because I’m running out of content so I got back to my old content that’s all let’s chop this wood and let’s just get straight ahead play and play sky block there there oh the server is.

Lagging I hate this server oh I forgot the author here make this a stone a cobblestone so we won’t.

Suffocate or die the point of Skyblock is to make a great island a beautiful but my island is not beautiful every.

Time I play Skyblock my island isn’t beautiful it’s ugly but it’s efficient it’s useful it has so many stuff in it but it’s not it’s not it’s not beautiful sadly I had this voice because I have I am sick yes.

I am sick I am of people asking me if I get my revenue monthly I don’t get my revenue YouTube forgive me to get my revenue I mean to receive my monthly revenue no why because they are.

Still reviewing I have already 1,000 subscribers I miss my old condom why is it raining because the clouds I’m just gonna mine a lot be right back I’m back by the way if you want to join me here the IP is in the description below so we can play together and I will I will be happy and I will have a best friend.

Oh they have this one I will check that.

Wow why why why two times you idiot why would you do that you idiot why would.
You do that good thing that works that word I didn’t tested that out I.

Mean I’m speaking English right now because my Filipino funds doesn’t even watch the full video Bobo.

Ranae do you not eaten it only the boom the most attagirl we sell phil mcgraw tagalog bumaba i say the animal.

Clean up alone by the looks of that I can see some two or three moms over there I know it was three I know there was a creeper and you see all four the.

Skeleton despawn I’m gonna make a spawner a mob spawn so my chicken named c3 one ninety three three six he I’m or she wanted me to build the mob spawner over here I agree that’s amazing you’re amazing now I got a mind some more cobblestone yeah this is so sad I need the life hey guys I’m gonna die I need the farm I saw this shop you sell sugar cane for $25 see this 12 3 & 5 2 this is 25.

So I can get a huge profit like a sword works it’s a great work be right back boys.

I’m sorry there are some background.

Noises I don’t know I haven’t tested the mic so you’re gonna suffer you’re gonna suffer a lot I.

Know so I can suffer a lot in the cerebral.

Because it’s like I need to make that farther it’s so annoying just just annoying I don’t know I like that that’s annoying not three a thank you oh oh give me three that’s nice you can sell sugar canes for so.

High so higher than mice I didn’t like that scary but if zombies spawn.

Here oh okay also I see quite a lot of my favorite being importance subscribing today so I’ll subscribe right now because they’re not even.

Gonna you can understand what I’m saying.

And just stand there hey guys I’m gonna end this right now so if you wanna play with me.

Together and some sprites are more the.


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