What’s up guys this is kevin from simple four exceptions I’m just coming to you guys to give you a brief update on the signal structure and how we’ll be going forward I remember that I was telling you guys how in one of my previous videos or the video you know that also before I was talking about how he.

Had changed up to do dailies and LDS and things like that of that nature and I also.
Mentioned too as well how these things would.

Be available to trade in any time frame mind you guys this past week that we did be more so did stuff to get our feet wet with it and I really really liked how they look man to be honest with you guys the trades were so much easier to win I mean mainly because you had more time for them to to to pretty much do what they were supposed to do.

Like you didn’t have to rush them you just placed a training you just go on about your day and you just let the market function and do what it’s supposed to do now mind you these signals was also too big because the Natick signals are placed to be longer expire ease of course there were occasions to where we could.

Have taken profit but the losses that we did have for Nadex they were pretty much like last-second losses which is very surprising to me because you post a signal to expire like eight to twelve hours.

Later and it comes otm probably like by like one pip or like two pimps like probably like one pip really and it’ll you know spike to come ot in like the last 30 seconds which is very surprising but most.

Of our eye TMS was way ITM and just to kind of give you guys an idea when we um when we set up our our schedule may not our scheduling we set up our you know I set up the signals you know of course I communicated to those who trade Forex that these signals are free rein D to take them however you like of course I would suggest that you take this signal bare minimum like a regular Forex trader would but if you had took these in Forex you would have got.

Probably about base off of the stats you would have got 100 to pips of profit and you’ve got.

273 pips of max potential profit that that’s means that’s how far the signals reached as far as the max potential profit but the hundred forty two pips of profit is just how far the signals move just expiry so even if they spike down and came back up if expiry isn’t proper like 30 pips 40 pips that’s what I count and I count the max potential profit as what.

They reach fully over that timeframe but yeah this is I’ve found that forex traders actually benefit more.

From these because the expiry ZAR usually eight hours to 12 hours and to 16 hours sometimes 20 hours or 24 hours Mintzberg whatever I see fit visa uses.

Czar and of course because your Forex trader if the direction is correct you’re more than likely going to gain money by time the signal expires or throughout the signal time it’s really your decision on where you want to leave your stop losses all that other extra stuff now when it comes to signal schedules and conferring I made a run today that we’re going to.

Follow by going forward because I think that’d be much easier so that those who are working.

With full-time jobs who has pretty much busy or doing things who can’t be on their platform or on their charts a whole lot trying to wait for a signal or waiting for a notification and all that kind of stuff like that for those people.

What I pretty much plan on doing is server that what I pretty much plan on doing is.

I set up the schedule so that everybody has.

Something to follow by which we’re going to have and.

This may be best if I actually take it down as a note for you guys so that you guys can actually actually see the schedule but at you’re gonna have what I bought what I plan on doing is every couple of hours I’m looking to post a signal and this is what your schedule is going to look like let me go then I’m grab this real quick okay BAM alright this is what our schedule is looking like so for these these are what we’re looking at we’re looking at one at 7:00 a.

I’m looking to post our first signal around that time that’s going to expire 8 to 12 hours later so that may expire at 3 p. I don’t know it just depends on my own discretion then our next signal may come at 11 a.

this is nothing set in stone these are just specific times that you.

Need to be looking for for signals so this will may come at 11:00 a.

That may expire 8 to 12 hours later so that may expire at 7 p. 1 this may expire 12 to 16 hours later so I didn’t set this some sort can. I set up so I can expire at 7 3 a. signals because that’s usually the brink or the start of a new day that will expire 8 to.

24 hours later so these the 7 p. signals is probably the ones that I probably have the longest time frame and of course all these is based off of my own personal strategy that I have in.

Place because I have a certain mindset about the timing and stuff like that because I do believe that different markets.

And different times predict how the markets react and of course when it comes to your signals you want to make sure that you are taking that into account the market times that you’re trading.

Over in the sessions that you’re training over so yeah all of these that you see in parentheses is just potential expiry times and these this is the schedule right here so that means at 7 a.

More than likely will have a signal if we don’t I would just send out a notice that I don’t see anything right now and all you have to do is wait for next time frame at 11 a. we will have a signal if I don’t see anything that I like anything that I’m comforted in then we’ll just pass it on and so on same thing. this is much easier for those who work who are busy and also people who can’t really who’s not in our timezone but still want to trade they can know that they have to set an alarm for a certain time to get the signal going and place it on their platform and then go back on about their day now mind you one thing to keep.

In mind is that these of course they’re going to this would probably give us.

2 to 4 signals a day but this past week when I was you know this past week that was past because I was getting my feet wet.


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