Following is a presentation of TFN double-dare Nadex options our brought to you by Nadex call now toll-free at one eight seven seven nine two seven six six four eight or internationally a seven seven eight seven three seven six one eight welcome folks we have the adalah industrials right now down 21 you get the Nasdaq off 48 SP down.

15 gold contract down of $1 trading – 1235 notes we have silver flat $14 79 cents an ounce light sweet crude up 53 cents 60 $6.
99 we’ll get those oil numbers this morning 10:30 you.

Got it we’ll get smoked yesterday in a big way it was up like a buck early today though so it’s it’s got a little volatility big-time notes and bonds to get the 10-year note up nine ticks 118 1830 a barn up 18 6.

1 38 24 not both notes and bonds yesterday folks they went topside had monster volume gave up half their price but guess what they’re going right after it again and they have volume behind the move king doll King dollars.

Up 312 6 king dollar took out its October high failed really gonna be interesting here see what ends up happening dollar or at 9602 the euro is trading 114 to 1 US dollar the yen is trading.

At 112 to 1 US dollar you get it Alexa right I do have an Alexa Alexa buy me a thousand shares of Amazon right now.

Oh we don’t have Alexa in the office don’t thank goodness otherwise you might be an owner right now guess what folks if you have an Alexa okay and you have a TD Ameritrade thinkorswim account you are gonna be trading on Alexa before you know it the CEO is.
On this morning bottom line let’s bring our man mr.
Kevin Hicks on board and find out what’s going on and folks if you haven’t test-driven I think it’s one platform yet bottom line come over to our website at TF NN hit the banner bring it up the Elijah trade with paper money.

They’ve always the cutting edge in their platform and this one here like I was saying oh my god is here this is as good as it gets Kevin Hanks what’s going on good morning time good morning Tommy that’s.
Right time TD Ameritrade will meet you wherever it is that you hang.

Out hang out that’s where we’ll be yeah and it’s it’s fabulous man that’s not I mean you know we go into that world and it’s so.

Quick what can I do is I was talking about like not to turn on some music you know I do you got I have fits it’s a great deal right that’s where the future is going for sure.
And bottom line folks is that in the future I believe.

You guys are gonna be the first that’s for sure I don’t know when the date is.

But it’s pretty amazing man it’s it’s you gotta love it people just keep innovating yes just keep keep producing I mean they’re constantly we like these people in a room feed them a little bit of food every night and majors in.

There working and working well I’ll tell you folks if you have that if you have the platform you know the Kevin’s not kidding because what ends up happening is that you get it only takes like a minute a minute and a half but when they do an upgrade it’s almost every week a week and a half there’s always something new tempo which is which is so cool man no doubt and you know.

So so now market wise you know we get a lot of numbers that are gonna be coming out you know market yesterday made quite a comeback man you know we’ll see where this.

Shakes out right now but there’s no doubt that those markets getting tired of moving down we’ll see where this goes good talking to Oliver Rennick about this exact topic.

And that is the personality of a market that we’re in right now and it’s important for traders to understand the kind of market they’re in this market is not going.

Straight up it’s not going straight down it’s a traders market now that may give heart palpitations to investors but in terms of traders rallies faith so often you saw a massive sell-off yesterday paid we made back 80% know what this market is lost so these are great trading markets they may not be the best for investors right now but bet that will also change without notice right we’re going through a correction in this market that is you know it’s been a good healthy one but.

Made the market recover today in rally today was earning right yesterday’s gout socks right three of them at midday were up it was all three that had earnings yesterday those were the three down stock that that were up so that’s what’s gonna.

Correction a two sided trade but focus on earnings and that’s where people should be looking and you know what’s so cool.
Folks is that when you have.

A market a two sided market we haven’t had one in a long period of time that’s right you can actually learn so much about markets about what you guys teach option strategies because you know we’ve had a one way market for nine years sure you know so a two way market is a great great it’s.

A great thing to have you know because yeah you like to have and.

I think that no matter how much all of us teach investors it’s much better after they see one too because learning then the.

Dynamic knows that you’re not going to the moon you’re not going to hell the bottom line is that you know it’s about energy you know you make a move because sideways do a correction to make a move you know then you can just learn so much there’s no doubt and the option strategies have got so dynamic because.

Of the fact that stocks folks in the option market a lot of them are trading penny wide and that’s like okay that’s about as good as you.

Can get quiddity time the ability to get in and out of trades for a little slippage.

Is possible yes that’s when the retail trader or the trader sitting at home really gains an advantage or at least a level playing field yeah no doubt no doubt so we chicken I mean this this starts the well we started off already heavy but earnings season this is going to accelerate in a big way i Boeing the I just heard Tommy’s update bullying.

Came in with some money they did right oh my god bad when you beat by a billion dollars with the revenue right I mean they raised all their guidance yeah they’re operating cash flow with higher their free cash flow is higher and this is this company is a behemoth yeah right they’ve got back orders for planes cranking out planes both in the private sector or the public sector and in the military.


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