How many blood hey everyone and welcome back to my channel in this video today I’m going to show you how to create this venom inspired makeup look I recently saw the film and really wanted to do a tutorial for everybody this is inspired mainly by the movie poster if you haven’t already seen it floating around I hope you.

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My work tag me on Instagram so I can see it to create the prosthetic today and first going to start out with some teeth these are made out of polymorph plastic as you guys can see they come in small multiple pellets what you.

Need to do is pop them in a very hot water I will leave a degrees on the screen and that’s also going to have a conversion rate on there as well it will go it nice and clear and gooey and you should be able to mold it into any shape that you like now this will set and.

Firm up as hard plastic so don’t make the teeth too pointy or they can be quite sharp once you’ve got all of them.

Made you can really refine them and do slightly smaller ones and bigger ones to taper off into a smile to create venoms a shape i just roughly looked at a reference photo and started to flatten.

Out the polymorph plastic till it was nice and thin i then pressed.

It down and curved it onto a bowl that I use for my cereal every morning and that just gave it a nice curve to fit the face and really.

Gave it that shape that we needed now moving on to the.

Prosthetic today I’m starting out with some liquid latex you will need quite a bit for this so make sure you get a larger batch I’m then going to take some plain flour which is what you just use for baking you can also use any sort of a baby powder as well I’m going to apply a few tablespoons at a time and.

Start to thicken that latex this is going to give us a paste formula so as you guys can see I like to work with a very thick consistency to achieve a perfect fitting prosthetic you.

Should use a face cast of yourself now if you guys don’t have one of these at home I have a video on my channel dedicated to showing you how to make.

One on yourself safely if you don’t have the funds all the time for this you can also use a mannequin head the proportions are quite similar to a average human face so if you guys want to do that then I’ll link that in the description box.

Below now as you can see I’m starting to sculpt.

I applied a thick amount of latex to cover my eye which is going to give it a nice comfy and soft patch this is when I grabbed a reference burner and started to really ensure that it was nice and accurate.

To blend away all of that thick paste just take regular fee and liquid latex and start to massage it over the top I went in and just started to really work.

At the edges and apply more and build it up in areas that I seen fit once I had all.
Of the brow blown done and then moved.

On to the jaw you might need to use some cotton buds as well because the pace can be quite slippery and slimy once.

I had all of that done I went in again and started just to move it all over and let it sit for another 10-15 minutes I went in with.


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