Hi everyone Dahlia here hope you’re well battlefield one is the first game of the Battlefield franchise that I’ve played I’ve had the game since April 2017 and I’ve put over a thousand dollars into it and I’ve now reached rank 140 I started out as a complete noob to the game and I’ve learned a lot I’m far from a.

Good player my stats will show you that much on the battlefield tracker I just poured lots of time into the game but I can now hold my own fairly well I.

Must admit that I was quite ignorant about the first world war I knew that it was mechanized and brutal but didn’t realize quite how so playing the game led me to want to find out more about the history of the war how it started the politics the stories of people’s lives I found it.

All very humbling and it gave me a new perspective and respect for those who fought and died and made me realize quite how fortunate I.

Am to live in the era I do now the game itself is visually for want of a better word beautiful they used this is frostbite engine and the maps are created and rendered in a wonderfully realistic way the maps themselves are based on.

Actual battles from the first world war and the developers have tried to recreate a locations as accurately as possible obviously given some artistic license and balancing of maps to make the game play well I count myself lucky that I’m able to run the game in October I think settings and at 200% resolution in 1080p with high fps it looks absolutely stunning the landscapes character models weather effects to structural surfaces and buildings the gas effects.

And using the gas masks with that but explosions all make for an immersive experience one of the visual effects I still love even today is the airship crashing down in flames absolutely incredible there are.

Things to annoy me about the game however some of these are just me whining I guess.

But they can be frustrating one of these is fire and I’m not talking about the flame creeper or incendiary grenades I’m talking about those.

Tiny patches of fire on the ground but turn you into a human torch as soon as you walk over them really I can understand that on more open areas of maps such as giant shadow the developers want to stay people into certain areas.

Of the map by the crashed airship for example but to spontaneously combust when crossing fire is just ridiculous bayonets yeah I know they were used in the First World War I know they’re a feature.

Of some rifles still today but that looked uncharged from an from an enemy player can.

Be kind of annoying when they’re still able to charge around a corner and take you down dice adjusted the amount of steering.

Movement a player can make more challenging with a bayonet because it was too easy to take down enemy players just by charging at them but in my opinion it still needs a bit of a tweak seem balanced sin has.

Improved with this there’s still plenty of rounds where one team is getting completely steamrolled by the other dice must have been aware of this problem as their solution since release has been behemoths yep when one.

Team is falling drastically behind the they get an airship the Dreadnought for an armored train to the system it can help I’ve been in.
Team has made a comeback and one with the.

Penis which is great GG but I just think it’s an odd way of adjusting the balance in the game bugs there have been some game breaking.

Bugs remember the ridiculous lag that everyone experienced when the in the name of the SAR DLC released thankfully dice released a hot patch of that games have bugs even Triple A games unfortunately there are.

A few bugs are still in the game now I really think should have been fixed by now the revived bug when you die and get revived a new character a shaken unless you aim it down the scope it even happens now without being revived the other two bugs to me are just.

So annoying trying to climb over.

A wall a fence or a rock and not being able to do say you move slightly to the side and you’re all good to go dice the other is going to climb over a wall a fence or a rock and the character going prone on the ground.

Dice piece really so what do I think of the game well.

As this is the first game of the Battlefield franchise that.

I’ve played I’m not really in a position to better compare it to previous games I can only give my thoughts about it as a standalone game but overall I’ve absolutely loved the game I had so much fun and enjoyment from it and the fact that I’ve put over a thousand dollars into it I think his testimony to that I’ve made new friends and I’ve become a better player I bought the premium version of the game and I’m glad that I.

Did yes some of the DLC maps are now free to play.

For everyone and yes it’s likely that more if not all of them will be unlocked and free to play for everyone but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion I’ve more than had my money’s worth out the game with the premium pass I was able.

To played the new maps early and have.

Had more time on them the fact that.

They’re now being unlocked just means that there’s going to be more people playing on them and it will be easier for me to find a full servers on the maps I’ve already been playing it will help extend the life of the game so what next battlefield 2018 is due for release in October there are too many rumors going around that I won’t even get involved.

In them I know what I’d like to see an.

Are literally weeks away from announced in the next game so I’d rather just wait and see in the meantime I’ve started playing Battlefield.

4 I’m having a blast there are still plenty of plays online and fill full servers it plays slightly differently to pf1 obviously and I’m now learning to use a new weapons and game mechanics I’ve realized that bf1 in some instances for example as a sniper can be very forgiving with its sweet spot mechanic I feel like I’m.

Having to learn to snipe again from scratch I’m having fun with there which is.

What it’s about anyway thanks for watching the video if you want drop a like or subscribe if you liked it leave a comment and your thoughts about bf 109s time.


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