Though shamble with classified leads demon i just want to do a quick little presentation video to show you guys exactly how classified leads demon works pretty much what the software does is it’s gonna go out on to classified ad sites like Craigslist or back page based on the URL that you provide for the software you could post as.

Many URLs as you want into the software and the software will crawl those URLs and they’re gonna pull either email addresses phone numbers or if you want it will pull text message leads again text message leads our leads that are basically converted to email.

Addresses that were cell phones so basically what the software will do is go out it will find cell phone numbers and it will convert them into email addresses now why is that important the email addresses can then be inputted into your email or into your Gmail into your yahoo and then you can actually send text messages to people’s cell phones right from your.

Existing email address so that is very powerful stuff because now you can start marketing to people on Craigslist or back page right to their cell phones you could get a really.

Good response rate which is really cool also this software it will support proxy addresses so if you want to hide behind a proxy you can.

Go ahead and you can click this button here and you can start hiding behind a proxy address so you don’t expose your current IP address also if you have.

A list of phone numbers you can import your list of phone numbers right into the software and then the software will go out and it will convert the phone numbers that you have.

Into text message leads so you can start text message marketing to people so I just wanted to do a quick little video on classified leads Neiman again the software is for Craigslist it’s for back page it’s for pretty much any classified ad site that you want to market we haven’t tested them all obviously there’s so many classified ad sites that we can’t you know obviously text I mean.

Every single one of them to see if it works with software back page and Craig the ones that we mainly use for feel free to.

Post as many URLs as you want into the software see which ones work see which.

Ones don’t but just keep in mind that you have to do this specific the specific area of the website that you want to scrape so for instance this is Boston Craigslist and I’m scraping the sales section here and then let’s say you put as many different.

URLs as you want into the software and it will go through each one and it’ll scrape all the leads in real time the software is multi-threaded so it’ll work fairly quickly so what you can do is just post a whole bunch of links in here let it run overnight and in the.

Morning you’ll have a whole bunch of fresh leads that you can start marketing to right away sorry it’s being a little slow right now just.

A video recording so unfortunately takes up a lot of resources this software that I used to do recording so it’s kind of slowing down my software but with that being said you can get email addresses you get cell phone numbers that are turned into email addresses.

And you can get regular phone numbers if you want to just.


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