Welcome everybody today one of seven days of Halloween I didn’t really explain what seven days of Halloween was so let me just give you a little rundown on what it is so for the next seven days I’m gonna be posting seven Halloween themed videos in a row on the week of Halloween which is this week you’re watching the.

First episode but before we get into this video don’t forget to give it a great big thumbs up if we get 20,000 likes I’ll do another part where I get acrylic nails Jesus don’t forget to subscribe because for.

The next six days after this video I’m gonna be posting a video every single day so I thought in these seven.

Crazy Halloween themed videos and I’m gonna be doing them all this week for you guys the first one as you can tell by today’s title I’m gonna be getting acrylic nails Halloween themed.

So these are my nails right now I need my roommates for moral support hopefully.

One of them will get nails with me but most likely not so I’m gonna try to complete some tasks with the acrylic nails apparently it’s hard so I.

Try this out let’s head to the nail salon yeah sorry to interrupt again but you guys remember last video I was in I was wearing this shirt and a little cutoff thing well I’m in another crypt TV series called Glendora it was just like basically twelve minutes of a girl just flirting with me and I was kind of like just there.

Awkward you know my personality but if you guys want to go see that video.

At the top of the description here’s a little sneak preview of it you’ve been with a thirty-year-old succubus good really pretty funny right stop.

In the description all right back to the video okay so I’m with Nick right now who also did a video on acrylic nails and I want to know his experiences with acrylic nails just so I don’t die it was the worst experience ever thank you what does it feel like when you break a nail off like you put your finger in boiling hot water feels like boiling oh yeah you will cry to.

Do this you’re gonna get really long ones are like.

Average average ones and like halloween-themed you were supposed to do it with me but you should definitely get the longest that they’ll let you get more views yeah fine okay so we’re here at the Topanga mall and the Topanga mall is known for not letting people film in the mall so we’re gonna try to film if not I’m gonna filming on my phone but I’m gonna get my acrylic nails now so.

Let’s go you guys do acrylic nails can i film it if you guys do my killing nails yeah for YouTube orange in black just like alternate like orange black.

Orange black it’s like vibrating on my fingers what what are the longer ones yeah just make them look like yours and.

We’re good it looked good looky Nick Nick was gonna call Thomas and he actually did box how much shot Topanga they actually let us film this here’s the ending results I think they look pretty nice okay I’m gonna call my mom to see what you think of this what yeah I.

Know it’s hard to use my phone but I just wanted to show you these nails am I supposed to be saying.

Like sister Anza okay sister sisters shook it cardi B you know how like in your video you have to play the card every time you have these nails because you got nails doesn’t make you invincible to getting slap in the party Thanks you can’t defend.

Yourself oh I totally just hurt my nail trying to open the door all right we need to get some food.

I’m gonna get a cancer TIFF is apparently it’s like hard to open stuff with it I have my phone yep yeah alright guys let’s go so we meet again I’m gonna conquer you bird what’s up yeah what’s up easy.
Every time I walk by everyone Sammy I know I look good I know I look.

Good I look better than your wife but oh boy year-old Stanley okay to my last task with the acrylic nails to get in the Halloween spirit I’m gonna be carving some pumpkins why is there two you may ask this is our cue to jump up curling nails we’re just gonna see who’s better at.

Carving a pumpkin to get in the Halloweeny spirit we got Nick behind the camera he’s a little tipsy so we don’t know how good Nick Cameron oh my gosh – I want in.

Draw face Halloween drumroll please budget we go alright my turn drumroll please for the masterpiece the winner that’s it it’s a bicycle you can leave now thanks for letting me use your Curry’s thank you guys so much for watching if you didn’t do it gets a great big thumbs up this is my first episode of.

Seven days of Halloween so you’re gonna see the space for 6 more days hate it love it who cares alright roll the clip hey y’all.

Hope you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a big like subscribe hit the little bell icon so you can notify it everytime bars hall post another video hope you guys have a good day or night.

Whenever you’re watching this.



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