Guys I’ve got no right I’m always taking with my friends my they always show me love cause it’s my family my family and squad can we go can we go in squad let me go hard let me go can we go hard for the family what up panting gang manager boy dog checking in with a blog on the.

Way man Melendez out getting her hair done man as you could tell by the title we got a surprise for the kids man but not only that mad about the job did I phone off right now men to the winner shout out to Erica she stay out of Maryland man thanks for the support is in Maryland where.

Ever you are Mary appreciate you guys we want to thank you guys so much and we’re gonna.

Do another giveaway with the iPhone man we’ll let y’all know when we ready for that but anyways you guys I’m I’m here man.

I’m at the post office you do I’m about to drop that thing oh I want to make sure everybody having a positive day man the kids.

I can’t wait to pick them up I can’t wait to see Melinda with her new hairdo man I know she’s gonna look beautiful as ever like she always do but we’re gonna surprise the kids Mary gonna let y’all see to see their reaction and we’re gonna um surprise you.
Guys to make because anyways man.

Enough talking man let’s go drop this thing off the Erika Erika out of Maryland man you got to get your iphone girl user alright so we see y’all no alright guys so I just got the kids I mean just real quick can I use seat belts yeah I got some food we got a big surprise for you guys all right now we’re gonna go get DJ’s haircut I I can’t tell you yet but because I’m right now mommy mommy.

Still getting her hair done anyways how was your test good I will talk to you guys in a little bit no because I mixed up two words.

But on my sheet like the practice sheet yeah I put them like in order when I saw them on the sheet and so she just that I I got some alright.
Alright guys so it cuts up a shot a little bit can’t wait.

To see mommy I’m glad you guys okay alright alright alright so we made it to the barbershop these kids are sleeping while you’re sleeping DJ wake up big boy Oh BAE is calling hey BAE hey you on the.

Blog but I know they can’t wait to see you and I know you got to head down looking good but we just got to the barbershop I gotta get up higher yes you did why can you say hi to the vlog real quick alright so baby buddy gone sigh so text me right.

Come on DJ yeah we’ll use the back to my side hi guys so we just made it home got some food Bay is here and pushy party the way I hate.
Hate parking that way I think.

She’s calling me right now I’m trying to read for it let me let y’all in all right so we’re gonna let them put this stuff up they’re gonna put our stuff up and now yeah I watch how to adjust up or.
Go for just above look at a very.

Hair go put your stuff up DJ DJ since body piercing gaze so is it your manager so done.

Out all day two hours getting my hair done I never thought my fellows done I know he told you guys we got a big surprise for kids and he wanted to just tell them gulp it yourself up and.

There’s tons of surprise but I don’t want to do it that way I wanted to like have them try to guess what it is but we have to like look for them stuff so that’s what we’re doing the kids.

Are out there and we’re in the room trying to like finish something like click out cuz.

We didn’t like plan a way to Surprise them but um bang.

Is right here and did you tell them did he tell pants and getting the surprise yet otherwise this might kind of CDs a cute little pitches hold on is blurry baby so here we go cutie pie he’s gonna be.

A ladies man mm-hmm yeah Matthew I want one of these pictures man let us know man consents yeah but anyways you guys so this is the deal or I think okay uh so we got this gap bag so the way I want to do it is I would have three bags I want to have a bag with DJ stuff I want to have a bag with.

DJ stuff yeah stuff and then a bag with the things no get that Picardo de Tory Burch bag this one and then give that bag yeah we just be keeping our bags.

What get that other NEMA market back because this bag got stuff in here you want to be bad yeah this guy hope is just stuff in there get that bag so you guys if y’all watch that other vlog we did I have showed y’all DJ’s shoes and I told her I had a.

Surprise for them so I’m gonna put their stuff in the.

Know whose shoes this is but put it in the bag put these in a bag yeah so this is this is.

The is outfit this is these days outfit so yeah it is thank you just told him to suppose they didn’t see the pop gosh you guys they.

Did not see the passwords they so yeah dad spilled the beans so in this bag put that so we’re gonna have them open these first so you guys we finally hung up our plaque and match with the gold in the room alright so where’s my phone because I want to show ya.

The email are so good get this stuff so my phone is right here I’m gonna show her the email coz JetBlue this email you to let us know our turn Sariah DJ come.

Here how are you baby I missed you today yeah I got her hair.

Done yesterday so it’s cute I showed it in the challenge yes she had this style before but she said she didn’t have a little bit know she.

Had it like just know she had lemonade braids but she never had it like this is everything small get out this DJ where you at baby oh do you guys in the bathroom a lot hey Washington so yeah how was school today so tell us about your test how did you do well you got one bag video yeah okay so DJ come.

Over here baby how was school you look so cute deej I got a haircut so y’all gotta check out his fresh daddy just took him to get his haircut he looking handsome all right.

So these are what did I tell you last night okay and.

Y’all when I told you to have a surprise for him I saw him to guess.

What it is what did you say you thought it was he thought Vibha he thought his surprise had something to do with me letting him order something for fortnight which was.

A complete fill absolutely not do you.

Guys okay so like yes if you had to just take one does she just seems so antsy and happy hi so do they that isn’t why yeah I want you to look I have a surprise for you in this bag this is your surprise you got you guys know y’all match your night it’s the same outfit yeah I wanna show the camera you guys got our champions so this is DJ champion and sweatpants and I got the same shoes chippie let’s see yours either so what kind of happy so what do ya’ll say about.

Your outfit look at your shoes you like what do you say what do you say yeah so we are surprised Bella okay okay you guys we’re going to Pune Kanna about two hours so bay pulling up there you pulling up what the plane are the hotel so yeah baby gonna show them.

The hotel you showing the subscribers you seen it day yeah guys these kids are super psyched right now we got to start packing that’s the thing cuz guess when we’re leaving off first thing tomorrow.

Slime pool I don’t know just the right videos but this this is what they have there all right guys so let’s get packing man we got to get packing reso bhai.

Now because we usually try to pack like a day or two.

Ahead yeah we’re like late I’m.

Packing so come on guys let’s go man let’s go so we just surprise the kids at the chips it’s also kind of I really hope they have fun and I just can’t wait to go but you guys like they say we’re so behind.

We got to start packing so um we’re gonna go ahead and close this vlog out so you guys make sure you stay tuned for the next couple of vlogs they’re gonna be a lieutenant and they’re gonna be useless they’re gonna be lit you guys oh let me show ya I might get one of those yeah it’s okay but anyway see you guys make sure you.

This video a thumbs up like comment and subscribe and we will catch you guys on the next video we love you cancer games peace.


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