I guess Jim nave Center archery I’m super excited to be back down here I understand last night a bunch of elk cross in front of me crossing the bridge River when I was walking out of my stand and probably 50 or 60 head this morning before it was too light it wasn’t light enough to film I had six.
Elk like 30 yards behind me walk through cows and.

Calves it’s just light enough to film so I’m gonna quit talking here beep actor ladies and gentlemen you just witnessed my first bull elk kill and thank you lord yes whoo.

Have a full freezer he’s not a giant bull but he’s my first thank you lord thank you.

Thank you five yards oh man came right to me ah that was just that was a gift I mean he walked right to me five yards thank you lord know what to say I’m.

Gonna hang out and give him about an hour it sounded like he crashed a hundred yards from here so thanks for being with me on this hunt thanks for watching okay everybody bear with me I’m doing.

This all by myself I usually.

Hunt alone and film alone and everything so I just got down another tree let’s walk right over here see if I don’t hope we’ll have blood immediately or not but let’s go right to where.

He was standing there’s the tree stand standing here right through here so we’re just gonna walk along well pretty easy tracking adopted various folks go take a look at now I’m by.

Myself so I’m gonna have to get the tripod out and everything gets set up with just bear.

With me my first bull ladies and gentlemen excited about this well folks my first bull ever I couldn’t be more excited it’s a big animal so this is where he lays out a hundred yards from where I shot shot was good now what.

A gift he just came right up to me this morning in the tree stand six other elk come through early early I couldn’t see him hardly at all I just heard.
Him way too early to even have the video camera on it.

Was pretty dark and they moved through and that was that and I thought well I’ll stick it out and.

See if anything happens and a few deer came in and went by and then this.

Guy just came out of nowhere by himself just wandering through so I mean it couldn’t have been a better setup he walked within five yards of the tree he saw it shot him with the fifty three pound triple carbon takedown and the big game broadhead inch and three-quarter cut what can I say that is a nice animal this is definitely going to fill our freezer just couldn’t be more excited down here in.

The river bottom of western Montana September 16th the early season and.

I have a cow tagged too so we could actually double up here but my first fall ever and my second elk to date I did get a big cow years ago anyways guys thank you so much for joining me couldn’t be more excited what a beautiful morning what a blessing.


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