Today I played HQ I am up Pro Tech with the illustrious Dave wattenberg and I got a little an email from from a guy you might know what is up guys today of Blades Q I am a pro tech with the illustrious Dave Wattenberg Dave how are you sir Green good to see you Ben thanks for having us.
And I think we’re hosting a night banter in your shop your friend shop.

It’s our first time which is pretty amazing yeah did they hand out little commemorative coins for this house to make one no these are engraved nice I like that ya like that okay so we also have a special treat today we happen to be in California and I got a.

From from a guy you might know you might you might have heard him in did I do that right more.

Or less yeah no matter it is the back of Nick Saban’s to you hey everybody Nikki so I wanted to do.

Nick for a long time and one of the stipulations you.

Don’t show your face on camera generally no no which is fantastic we have accommodated that and we’re gonna talk today about automatic knives and I.

Don’t think there’s a better place in the world to talk about automatic knives then right here on protex hallowed ground so as we get.

Into a few points for you guys at home that we want to talk about why automatic knives and why would you want to carry one why would you want to buy one why would you want to own.

One and so we’re gonna dive into that topic and can we start with you Dave just kind of not.

Too deep into your history but why automatic knives for you you know I I grew up in the cutlery business my dad my uncle a retail cutlery shop and as a kid there was this like forbidden area in the store with these.
Vintage American and Italian auto knives and I.

Was just always drawn to it you know and when I did get the chance to see one someplace and play with it always enjoyed it so much and you know there’s thankfully the the knife business and knife making has evolved to such an incredible place where we get to make.

Things so far beyond what we need that we get to make what we enjoy and what we love and the customers get to choose things that they enjoy and love and.
For us here at protec autos are pretty.

High up there so let’s let’s take that I did is there something in your line that is so far beyond utilitarian could you’ve got on the table absolutely so and let’s just start with the good stuff okay let’s.

Start all the way up so cool this is a this is an ultimate custom Newport and this particular knife is a titanium frame that’s been all hand satin finish absolutely and so this one’s got a lot going on we’ve got black lip mother-of-pearl a matching black lip pearl push-button this incredible Chad Nichols mosaic Damascus hand engraved by.

Bruce Shaw and then this one’s got one of our new generations all Reidy titanium pocket clip starting with a solid bara titanium that one is not bent it’s machine thickness difference there holy crap yeah crazy this is kind of like the ultimate beyond the pale this is automatic I mean yes it’s beautiful what about utilitarian take us to the opposite end of this so one of the neat things about the protec line.

Is that we’ll take a given model in fact almost all of our models and we’ll build it from a knife you can buy a blade HQ for one hundred and fifty hundred.

And sixty bucks all the way up to the fifteen sixteen hundred dollar one and way beyond that so this is a solid aluminum frame with a real nice Bend blue anodized a stone one shinning impending with a s thirty five stone watch blade great steel durable user finish deep carry pocket clip and this aluminum version it’s just about two ounces so it’s slender in light it’s a great knife to carry and use a lot of.

Guys and gals for that matter who are wearing a little nicer trouser maybe not a jean they love this deep carry clip it’s a nice light carry and so literally from 150 up to say 1600 up from there in between we like to build a wide range of Auto knives nice okay Nick so I want to I want to ask you.

A question I’ve watched some of your stuff I’m sorry where do you get off where do you land on autos as your personal preferences so personally you know at this point in time and not for review I own exactly one automatic knife and that’s this guy the protex sprint here this is just a really nice little piece it’s California legal now that I live here.

Small it’s not it’s small enough that it’s not gonna terrify people which is a thing with our folks as you well know you know the oh my god think of the children effect is small here and you know generally but honestly this is the.

Only auto I really feel like I need I don’t want to MAGIX if that was still legal here but aside from that you know they’re not something that really appeals to me because if you get you know a nice fast flipper knife you know am how much faster.

Then slow was that really then you know using an actual button lock auto and so you know given all the legal complications and whatnot it’s never really super.
Appealed to me to go you know oh my god.

Automatic switchblade so you know that’s always been my position but I can see some reasons certainly and see ya for me personally – I got kids and in fact Dave I gotta tell you a story I’ve had this whiskers yep and I took it camping with us we were working on a project with it and I hand it to my wife and she opens it nearly jumps out of her hands and they out every time she’d.

Be like because your your knives in fact will you hand me that whiskers just for emphasis here your knives are snappy I mean they just a they pop up oh that’s kind of your signature absolutely and I think that’s the.

Reason to love them yeah and I think that’s the reason my wife is like no but I think there’s something to be said in this market about separating your.

People you cater daughter Auto people and do and they’re if somebody wants an.

Walk in our store all the time and they say I want an automatic.

Knife and Melinda up front she says well he heard of protech I love it and she’s awesome but the thing is if you want an automatic knife you should get a.

Pro tech because it’s I think it is the the apex of what is out there so in Europe you know it’s true they agree to anything but at the same time convinced me Dave because I kind of fall in that camp of.


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