I found elephants world online like the sound of the place being a retirement sanctuary for old injured handicapped former logging and trekking elephants so she paid them a visit I wondered if these old rescue elephants might like to listen to some slow classical music so first time I played planet item 12 AB license we called kleros persistence breakfast.

At Varna gross when he heard Beethoven for the first time he stopped eating stood still listened to the music with grass protruding from his mouth so I.

Returned two elephants well after a day with my piano and stay for long periods over the years I have observed almost all elephants we have to use it in a visible way the only foods I play for always free to walk about the piano they are not chained or tempered in any way and a piano keys are not made of ivory of course some elephants get very close to the piano of their.

Own accord they might even drape the trunk over it and explore the keys for themselves and play slow classical piano music I chose the pieces an integer I can’t make my own arrangements of the.

Music for the others I know each other’s temperament well and try best to put the expression in the music that pom poms are intended it’s this expression the elephant’s tend to react to with everything else just like we humans I discovered the piano when I was 12 the piano was.

In the canteen of my grandmother’s care home I started to play by myself one day the cook.

Beginning of Beethoven’s moonlight sonata I loved it and played himself taught myself remembering what had seen her play we didn’t have a piano.

At home so I went about the town knocking on the doors to practice on other people’s pianos.

In the church all and so on so I’m self-taught for me elephants are wild animals plain and simple I wished they all lived in the wild where they belong but I accept there are many elephants in Thailand that are domesticated or captive health and I understand the history to this all I can think of is we work to make the.

Lives of these rescued elephants better in the ways we can elephants are emotional.

Animals as we are and I am only following my instincts playing piano music for some of these elephants mainly flying elephants I’m just trying and learning up to now I found slow piano music to be calming the most to the dangerous bull elephants and perhaps gentle music brought a little interest in comfort to the blind.

Elephants might be privileged to play for I hope the music will be part of a process of rehabilitating elephants that have had stressful lives my project is ongoing.


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