– what are the factors responsible for criminalization of politics in India discuss 250 words criminalization of products is issue which has arisen from time to time data from the Association for democratic reform Savr indicate that 179 out of the 543 elected members of parliament in the present Lok Satta have some kind of criminal case pending against them the.

Reasons one politician will be lacking to make laws which prohibits criminal politician from contesting the election to RT a 1956 representation of people act also doesn’t have rules and.

Guidelines to prevent politician 3 vindictive.

Politics there are some instances of faith’ cases forged against each other by both government and opposition for public awareness and outcry is needed to either stop or not vote to such politician who have cases against them 5 low conviction rate along with litigation thus pendency of cases 6 periodic electoral reforms along with use of money powered further escalate situation wave forward 1 if speed guidelines should be followed in spirit ifc 2014 all pending fees against should be completed within one year’s IISc 2017 that set up.

12 fast-track court III Lilly Thomas case 2013 FC ruled all convicted politician with more than two hours imprisonment should be immediately disqualified IV SC recess judgement of advertising in papers publishing in party’s own website – electoral reforms are needed to address to address to this issue three political who is needed to step towards clean and fair politics for public movement is needed to raise their concern and along with not vote for.

Such candidate 5 not only politician but also public should kept aside our own motive and rise above it 6 rather than candidate political party should also owe its responsibility.

To giving tickets to such candidate criminalization of politics is serious issue CE o that’s here in our country.

And we should rise above our own motive towards nation-building and it’s destiny and thus cleaning political.


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