Hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new if you haven’t seen my face before I’m Emily and you should go at the subscribe button down below today’s video is gonna be my fault bucket list for 2018 but you could definitely still some ideas if you want this is a collab with my friend Hayley McNab.

Here on YouTube she’s gonna be doing a fall makeup tutorial so I’ll be sure to link her video in the description and you should go watch it.
After this one now let’s get into it I have my paper.

Right here and I’m gonna leave it down here since I’m filming with my phone the first item on my fall bucket list for 2018 is to bake with my friends I just think it’s a super fun thing to do bake cookies even a pie or something like that with friends it’s just super fun bonding time get to eat some cookie dough and yeah then you go to have fun making it and then you also get to have fun.

Eating it so the next item on my list is to go apple or pumpkin picking I know this isn’t something super original but it’s definitely a staple in my full reviews next I think it would be super fun to follow a.

Fall or Halloween makeup tutorial I’m not personally very good at Halloween spooky type special effects makeup but I did recently post a fall makeup tutorial and I’ll link it up here or in the description depending on if I figure out how to do the icing nut.
Is coming up i thought it would be fun to go on a haunted hayride or.

Go in a haunted house i’m not sure if they have these everywhere but haunted hayride is basically wearing your own like a tractor the back of a tractor type thing and you’re sitting with like a whole bunch of people and then people come out with like chainsaws and stuff like that and scare you and grab your ankles from on the tractor.

Ride and yeah it sounds really weird but it’s actually super fun so if you hear my dog she’s right there just chilling J this is Jenny yeah the next item on my fallback list is to have a cozy outdoor movie night so basically I would want to cut a lot with like sleeping bag and fuzzy blankets and watch a movie probably tell.

The boys I’ve loved before cuz that one is so good but yeah just cut a lot have some hot apple cider or hot chocolate and just have a great time with friends the next item.

Is to have a fall photo shoot my next item is to have a fall photo shoot well your plot okay guys I’m currently.
Editing this and I realized this video is so cringy but it’s a collab so I.

Can’t not post it but uh sorry if.

This like discussed you or something was having a lot of trouble talking I don’t know.

Why sound like I’m on drugs that’s okay my next item is to have a fall photo shoot whether you’re plastering your pics all over Instagram or just keeping them to yourself it’s super fun to dress up in your favorite fall sweater and booties and just take a whole bunch of pictures with your friends next is something I really want to do.

And I think I’m doing very soon actually if to go thrift shopping for fall stuff so like fall sweaters mom jeans all that type of stuff I know you can get really good deals at thrift stores like sweaters for like $3 which is insane because that an American Eagle or somewhere like that maybe.


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