Urban X for those people who have problems moving from their old bicycle to an electric bike urban X has been created it is a special tire that turns any bicycle into a modern vehicle the tire weighs only 15 pounds an advantage of a normal electric bikes which weigh quite more because of their battery in addition urban X replaces.

And nots the rear tire like other.

Products without messing up the process of traveling and pedaling it takes one minute to install the tire it works with a battery and can be turned on and off with a click switching from electric to manual in seconds the device is available for $300 f flashes these false eyelashes with LED lights get placed on the upper eyelid and don’t mess with the normal movements of.

The eyes using special and transparent cables the eyelashes are attached to a controller conveniently located in the temple where they’re powered by a battery the eyelashes are five different flashing modes with seven.

Different colors they also react to movement for example if you tilt your head.

It switches to a previously selected mode at this time the price of the eyelashes is $40 Kove II this intelligent lamp from Germany is compatible with the devices in your home and will help you fight your internet addiction making your life easier some of the functions available in.

Covr voice control and the possibility to regulate light and brightness a personal voice assistant and alarm and much more all this comes in a device of only 10 by 7.5 inches the lamp weighs less than a kilogram gets connected to the wall and will cost you.

A hundred and forty dollars baselet this subwoofer the size of a hand watch allows you to not only listen but.

Also feel the bass when listening to music the device is completely silent to others but the user will.
Feel all the notes of their favorite songs this mini speaker is.

Compatible with any device that uses sound smartphones laptops consoles and old music players to enjoy it you don’t need to install any applications the bracelet works as a connector between the device and the headphones wears only 10 grams and has a 3.5 millimeter inputs and a USB port its price today is a hundred and forty dollars.

Sealer this small device similar to a stapler is able to open any soft plastic packaging with.

The help of its blade and also close them again if necessary the smart sealer hermetically sealed any package.

In seconds protecting the contents from bacteria and making them perfect of freeze products this unusual gadget works for double-a batteries weighs four point seven pounds and is available online for $15 nums this ultra-thin glass.

Millimeters thick and can convert the touchpad of any laptop.

Into a numeric keypad it can be configured so that you can open any application or webpage with a swipe the device also protects the delicate touchpad from any kinds of scratches and other damage the glass is installed on the laptop in less than a minute just clean the touchpad place the glass load a special driver from.

The official website at the creator and configure all the necessary functions you can get nums for $45 turtle this robot.


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