Hey everybody welcome back to the lux abyss Channel I’m Tatiana and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you about affiliate marketing and this has been requested by one person like on every video I see the comment about please make an affiliate marketing video but really it’s not that complex like you could pretty much sum it up with.

A Google search of what is affiliate marketing because there’s not that much to it but I’m gonna give you the rundown so basically what it is is say I’m an influencer and I’m on YouTube and I’m on luxe biz channel and a company that sells hair brushes contacts.

Me and they say hey Tatiana we would love for you to feature this product on your channel and we will give you a 10% commission from any sales that you generate through your channel and so what that means is you know I might talk about it in my video I might show it to.

Do a review about it and then I’ll have a special link down below and the company provides this link for me and when the customers say you as a viewer say.

And you go to the hairbrushes website you’re not gonna notice anything different it looks like a regular website but if you buy that hair brush it’s gonna be tracked back to me and I’m gonna get a 10% commission it’s not gonna cost the.

Customer anything it’s not gonna cost me anything it’s just that the company is now.

10% commission so why would a company Gina that you know how are they making the money well basically it’s a sale that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

So you know you not creating a video at all means that they’re not going to generate any sales from a non-existent video but by having this video and you talking about the brush.

It’s just an extra sale that they wouldn’t have already had so there’s a lot of incentive for companies to do it and for you as an affiliate marketer it’s a great option because like I said it costs you nothing there’s no investment you’re not buying inventory and there’s very minimal work involved so you know you don’t have.

To do much you can basically just you know make a Facebook post say you have 500 friends on Facebook you make a Facebook post say hey guess what I just received this hair brush it’s amazing I tried it on my daughter the other day and she for once did not cry while I.

Brushed her hair if you guys have the same issues.

With me with your kids check it out and then you insert the link and you can tell them whether or not it’s affiliate link.

It doesn’t really matter I think on You Tube you do have to make sure that you tell people that it is an affiliate link I’m not.

Too sure but then if a friend or family clicks on it and they buy it you earn a commission so it’s super.

Easy to do and it can scale it can really scale so there’s people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month using affiliate marketing I love it because you know like I said there’s very little work involved and of course we all want to have businesses that have minimal effort required and I feel.

Like affiliate marketing is just one of those and you know a good way to get started is you know.


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