What’s up guys ezra from ezra Slaton comm and today’s video i’m going to show you how to make $50 on youtube without using or making your own videos alright let’s get into it so if you’re gonna make money online you’re gonna end up needing some kind of product or service to sell so in order to find that product.

Or service we like to go to different marketplaces and in today we’ll check that out check me out so today we’re gonna go to clickbank which is probably one.

Of the more popular marketplaces out there for affiliate products and services and also we’re gonna be in the dating niche which is in.
The relationships which is one of the top three niches.

That you want to get into in order to make some affiliate marketing monies alright so we got to find our offer that’s gonna pay us 50 bucks and that is this unlock her legs okay we’re unlock her legs.

It has high earnings per click and conversions you see the gravity is at.

24 which is you know about 20 people making money on this right now so you know the odds are in your favor so we click on this and we want to see what it looks like alright what does the page look like okay and this is what we’ll be sending people to now most of the time what you want to end up doing is sending them to maybe a landing page first you can capture their email and then send.
Them here that’s pretty basic way to do to.

Make money with through affiliate.

Marketing right what am I saying okay but we’re not gonna do that today we’re just gonna do it straight away you know quick and dirty and so yeah this looks good we’re gonna promote it we click promote we’ll get our affiliate link copy your affiliate link down into a text edit or some kind of text here’s mine on above but this link is kind of suspicious and it’s and it’s how you see it.

Looks kind of suspicious most people aren’t going to want to click on it because it’s got too many random numbers and letters so we need to tighten.

That up so it looks more legit so what I like to use is click magic click magic is like a tracking software for tracking your links you can click your links you can you know track conversions on funnels and it’s just it’s got a lot of things going on that I can’t really talk about right now because that’s not what this videos.

Link right here I’ve already done this just to save time I.

Called it YouTube demo this is the hop link it’s in the primary URL and this is the the tracking link right here so I copied that down and I put it on my notepad right so it’s there it’s waiting so I’ve got my affiliate link for the Opera that I learnt promotes gonna pay me like 50 bucks or $50 right the next thing.

You want to do is find the videos that you can reuse without getting copyright claims on your ass so let’s head on over to youtube and we’re gonna click well let me go back here exalt did this one we’re in the dating niche right so we want to know how to pick up girls if you’re a dude if you’re a lady.

Maybe you want to pick up girls too it’s a brave new world alright so we type in pick up girls or if you’re in like health then you would do like.


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