Here are the acts looking to be in danger in tonight’s X Factor 2018 results that weekend will see a double elimination after all 16 of the finalists performed for the first time the theme for the opening weekend was this as me as each act sang a song they felt best represented themselves as artists some shown under the theme.

Fell into elimination danger Janice Robinson is the new favorite to be the first booted from the X Factor after her odds were slashed into two one from eight when formance of clarity by said featuring Fox’s Giovanni Spano was the ten thirds of a second favorite adrift on his early odds of 9/4 before his rendition of Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright.

However the opening weekend of the x-factor will see a double elimination which.

Puts Giovanni firmly in line to be the second booted from the show meanwhile Shawn.
Is the new 7/4 favorite to win after her emotional rendition of.

John Lennon’s Imagine had the judges and audience on their feet resulting in Boyle sports quickly slashing her odds from 41 Dalton Harris also took on an iconic song for his first performance life on Mars by David Bowie and it saw him take over second place in the betting after he shortened into 5-1 from 7 1 . previous 11 fourths favorites misunderstood have suffered adrift and find themselves fourth in line for the title at 7/4 with Brendan Murray in 3rd at.

Drifting out from 10 third stay the Heffron spokesperson for Boyle sports commented it was an eventful first week of live shows on The X Factor with all 16 acts performing but a.

Double eviction is looming and it looks like Ida fields is going to lose two of her overs as Janice Robinson is 10 thirds to be the end Giovanni Spano is also in danger she added there’s been a complete overhaul in the outright betting his previous favorites misunderstood are pushed out to fourth place at 7/4 after Sean dominated on Saturday night and takes over the head of the betting at 7/4 as a result x-factor 2018 odds first elimination Janice Robinson 2-1 giovanni Spano 10 thirds.
Armstrong Martin’s 5:1 Dani Tetley 8 1 Olatunji Yearwood 8 1 LM a choir.

10 1 bar outright betting Sean 7/4 Dalton Andre Harris 5 1 Brendon Murray 6 1.

Misunderstood 7 1 Scarlett Lee 10 one fellow Penfold 14 1 bars x-factor 18 results air at 8:00 p.


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