This morning presenter Holly Willoughby is terrified of almost every creepy crawly going the blog Beauty will be swapping the comfort of the ITV studio for the Australian jungle as she fills in for ant McPartlin on I’m a celebrity get me out of here later in the year and as today was her final this morning show for a while.

Philip Schofield decided it was time she was acquainted with.

The types of beasts she might come across Philip had been ramping up the scare factor all day preparing Holly for some terror but when she got there she didn’t realize he had swapped genuine Horrors for some hilarious replacements first up in the so called box of shocks challenge.
Holly had to put her hands into a closed.

Container to see if she could identify what was in it cheeky Philip had placed a remote-control spider in the box and when Holly touched it she was beside herself the blonde bombshell screamed as she begged to know what the hell she was near what is it Holly wondered it felt like a badger Philip removed the cover to show her it was just a fake spider controlled.

By himself ITV this morning Holly Willoughby screams at Philip Schofield as.

To complete task image ITV ITB this morning Holly Willoughby took part in a bush tucker trial image if I got such a sweat on ITV this morning.

Host Holly Willoughby Holly giggled I’ve got spider web on my face I got such a sweat on she laughed the second box contained three adorable grey kittens Holly’s favorite animal she was reluctant to take on the challenge but when she realized what she was touching Holly exclaimed oh you were nothing to be scared of finally Holly who seemed more confident went in for the last box on TV this morning Holly Willoughby screamed.

As she felt the fake spider image ITV ITV this morning Holly liked it when she met the cute kittens image ITV she recoiled when she felt something big but was not expecting to see George otavalo inside the box and with that Holly said her goodbyes to Philip in this morning who left her with a hamper to help her when she is.

In the jungle the presenter will join Declan Donnelly later in the year to present I’m a celebrity get me out of here exclamation mark dot in on this morning Rochelle Humes will fill in during Holly’s absence this morning airs weekdays on ITV.

and I’m a celebrity get me out of here we’ll start.



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