You guys so obviously you guys have been together for quite a while but you made it official do you feel like newlyweds again oh yeah oh yeah if I wasn’t on camera right now I would tell you there’s some stuff to say seriously big time and they have a little bit comedy in there and a sense of humor.
Which Stallone has and I that’s fun to do which.

You what you I mean you’re a game of Thrones you don’t it’s not there’s not a lot of humor for the gold / silly.

Almost like gave up acting just like you come here and struggle and try to get on this – no oh really yeah and then I got Game of Thrones so kind of out the door she’s just staring over me like adoringly like I’m like warning she’s like I love you and like I love you too and she’s just like I watched I’ve been up all night watching Game of Thrones and then I.

Got laid it was amazing I heard that after Game of Thrones you had a hard time auditioning yeah not a lot of people thought I spoke English it was very challenging it’s like the old-school Hollywood stories where girls would stand at the.

Corner of Hollywood and Vine a way to get discovered he was folding t-shirts and then somebody discovered you we don’t have to keep the picture of he can tell you better we all got.

The man who runs hpc so he’s the English kind of you know runs the HBC and I was raised by him and he murdered.

My whole family and my kids and now I’m basically made this company called the black wolf company it’s like Scottish Irish French against English basically me wrapped in fur killing a bunch of English.

People and the Hawaiian culture is very open and aloha I think it helped me.

Some of the strongest actors and people in the world have to be to access that he’s got to be vulnerable I just happened to be trapped in a girl’s body I’ve never died didn’t practice this at.

All and there’s a lot of people like football so you don’t want to like curb it ok straight over the head straight over the head what if this seems like a terrible idea for the win one it’s super fun Dirty Harry or double-oh-seven oh jeez what a Dirty Harry Daniel Craig Sean Connery Daniel Craig men are becoming so you know Oh what would you like I want to make you so happy and then your character came along yes a woman here now yeah yeah they’re looking for a.

Little servicemen it’s sort of an aggressor TIFF yeah yeah I mean woman here now me yes free to call out or Pablo Picasso I have to do for your caller long because my wife is she wasn’t horse me this next one will kick she might divorce you of this one to Bill Cosby or Richard Pryor I’m definitely own Richard Pryor.


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