So fishing poles repel understand the photo shoot day or you were submitted it he tomorrow mama bird has a model as a modern-day holy actually my photo shoot katina you like in many gia coo coo over there is upon us our yoga gheorghe married in support close here I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years ashtanga brick ramata or.

The yoga is very very good for your body mind spirit so yeah I think it’s very important to promote that in bhagavad-gita maybe unico que that Yoga is.

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A promote nahin karna chahti qk opposite of apnea for.

Healthy rock nine body gossip will recline jokes.

Acaba de coche he would then I yeah Matt dekhne ke mera very waste kitna inches here where a six-pack NICU ka poora physical health so making me obviously spirituality or for forefront villicana let’s make it in fashion actually go equal.

0 volt a hickey I cha ji path shed Sophie and alia cucos cocom name and I made up actually midi zindagi appreciate inside hot couch Carmela I’m very I was very happy with my life jump qui when you.

Are very happy with your life and you are fulfilled and you have everything job up because sub good shape pick.

Up so good choice ugh do we watch a good day to all of the viewers and.

Remember when you do yoga it’s not just about your body it’s about your soul so remember Krishna remember.

Everybody in the universe and do it for the good of all mankind thank you.


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