Guys he might not know this but I’m recording right now so we what are we doing we’re training I’m training Alicia Alicia whatever I think is I need to like writing ritual okay come on come on we need to start crystals not coming anytime soon okay yeah we’re already who’s blue wait crystal cent okay um crystal said okay.

Like she just said okay um I’ll say are you joining okay yeah she’s joining soon like she’s.

Finished the race what’s up the sky don’t judge this is America idiot monster there’s crystal yay crystal Zelda’s on and on I just folder over recording recording so really gonna like be like but so okay just.

Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go wait I was like oh my god he left come on let’s go yeah yeah yeah okay that’s good I’m really want to learn because we’ve already spent two minutes in this waiting area.

Yeah I’m ready my intro learning’s great one bleeding speak I see loading screens oh really oh my god I have Dawn’s oh my god I have dawn no friggin ice like what the heck oh no blues please in front of me is that bad I gave a dragon to blue oh I’m blind.

Year at one I’m so far behind I need to speak I gave someone I did I’ve given I’ve given blue three dragons owner owner I’m gonna die.
I fell through the world hey crystal I don’t think you.

I think you’re gonna be lost yeah mmmm ah I’ve was.

Lost dang race over and fail you’re just like oh my god yes nananana okay I’m gonna do two more races and then I’m.

Gonna stop recording it so then it was like three races and I have my friends I have Dawn’s thing song stuck in my head once it I’m just one yeah oh yeah it is hmm I didn’t make it I was too late no she’s.

Not like hi you’re welcome crystal oh my god who did that feel how could this happen to me oh man I missed you guys I’m second I’m stood Farrah oh my god oh my god someone start repeating me shackles oh I don’t even care cuz I’m like oh this guy get up get up Alesia geez I can’t be fourth nope not.

That I need to finish at least good good just ice everyone you’re welcome oh my gosh okay.

Bleach worked on the delay what recording okay dead I nearly just read out my own name ‘crystal you looks like oh my god Krista look so basic no oh my god no I’m really not good at these tight turns sorry not really yeah I have.

A surprise pregnancy just shocked me Darrell can say nothing did you get a bigger surprise I have to go around this corner and do it all my shoulders that she stupid shoulder no I just ran through ice like.

Cheese oh my god I swear crystals run through your eyes oh my god oh look at that ice there is so terrible owner I’m really bad with speed beast here no no oh my god.

No no no no keep going keep going keep going keep going shut up blue straighten her clean up but in.

London if I get sixth I’m gonna be so mad buying help era take this everyone I know it’s really funny if isn’t lost well it was lost now none I can’t do it oh my god now I can actually it’s my shoulder properly 110 okay I’m gonna do two more races then that’s it winner.

Guys they subscribe crystal Dorothy and like everyone else in the entire I wish online and dead subscribe subscribe to everyone here who has a youtube channel subscribe to me obviously because why would while so would you be.

Watching this video if you didn’t want to subscribe yeah subscribe to Ferriss gaming world and anyone else who has a YouTube channel oh yeah I don’t think anyone here subscribe to me subscribe to me right now it’s.

Called Chloe went to cloud and ate my subscribers would know okay she doesn’t five good job crystals steam engine Linda as far as I know are made crystal and.

Me and not crystal oh my god only Farrah and me have as far as.

I know only fair and me I’m a good girl that means I get a cookie only I saw a picture of the cookie yes because I don’t apply it a lot I don’t care then I do the math you be welcome Oh Oh God okay I wonder what my.

Luck is someone that totally isn’t very not good Hadj dit I’m gonna try to hide me so I’m just trying to eyes everyone beast oh I had a sweet face but I hid ice no come back someone come back oh I’m dying I’m so creepy at this I’m gonna give everyone shackles you’re welcome guys.
And slowing down well this probably cuz you had.

A shield or something i spiced coffee and under London then you go crystal huh nope speed beast owner I just fell through the world again.
Speed beast yep lusts Fernan owner owner it’s saying that.

Subscribe to my own channel I don’t know what map okay one snap what Matt what Mack will be doing oh I have about 24 videos I have well as soon as this one goes up I have three videos and warm probably a bit up like this.

Later today hold it then on I and then like they pew on you and then warm it.

Up guys you better watch out because everything you say cuz I’m not cutting anything out here can be welded editing I like cut some things out there ok ready 3 2 1 Kim I’m like I quit oh my god nice amber how you sell that other game in iodine hotshot this I know someone own double one on my channel because it told me someone went on to.

Try to subscribe okay No Oh shucks around that bad I don’t mind the shuffles oh those last longer where the chuckles come off sometime through the advanced nether No – I hate it I’m just gonna follow everyone’s name jag oh my god.

My god oh my god you’re welcome.

Drag queen no oh my god oh my god I’m fourth what the heck I didn’t even realize I thought I was like lost ha good luck guys oh I shot I shot blue well I stopped robliz clothes no yeah crystal nard stop stop stop stop oh what a way to end it oh my god this is already a way too long video but let’s see.

What I get what do I get what do I get man brush two units okay guys make sure to LIKE if you enjoyed this video of course and of course sub to Farah and comment what you want me to do in future videos cuz I honestly have no idea um yeah okay everyone say bye yes.


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