Thank you for joining us here again at George Luce studios in our video tutorial series on blogger in this tutorial we’re going to cover the last two sidebar gadgets that we haven’t covered yet to date the search gadget and the recent posts gadget the recent post gadget is one of the more complicated ones that’s going to take a.

Little more time the search gadget is very simple and easy though the search gadget does come installed along with several others that we’ve talked about previously and other tutorials so the search gadget really there’s.

Not a whole lot you can do with it if you click on the edit button really just about the only thing you can really do with it is to change the title let’s just call it find it and save and all that does is.
Title and change the wording on the gadget on the blog itself.

As well but that’s really all you want to do with the search gadget now as far as the recent.

Post gadget goes what you’re going to want.

To do in order to install that is click on your add a gadget and this one’s a little bit different it is an HTML Javascript gadget okay and so we’re going to label this recent posts okay now the trick from here is you’re going to need to access your template files remember when you.

Unzipped your template in order to prepare to install it I’m gonna want to go back there so here we’ve got our Kirsten test files okay so click it and open it and it looks like a text document gonna want to copy and paste everything copy it then you go back into bloggers.

Here and paste everything in here now before you save everything you do want to take a moment to look at some of your settings here okay and this is where you control your settings right here in the script itself so.

This line is telling it how many posts you want to show up in the gadget and you can adjust that right here with.

That this number right now it’s set for three you can set it for four or five six however many you want okay this next line is do you want it to show the thumbnail image.

For that post if you do leave it at true if not just make that false okay the next line is do you want it to show a read more link for that post if true leave it is true if not you can turn that to false show comments once again it’s a true or false the post date whether you’re not whether or not.

You want that to show the post summary whether you want that to show or not and how many characters you want to show on the the post description okay so you feel.

Free to adjust all of these to your taste once you’ve got everything set the way you want it do keep in mind you can.

Come back in and adjust it as needed just go ahead and click Save and then as we go back here and go to view our blog we can see our recent posts over here remember you can go back.

In and remove the thumbnails you can remove the dates remove the read more button remove the comments so all of these elements are controllable through the script on the widget so thank you once again for joining us for another tutorial.


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