Hey it’s Katie here and today I’m going to show you how to create a worksheet or workbook or PDFs that you can use as an opt-in incentive or lead magnet using a free online application called canva I’ve been using canva for a few years now and what’s great about it is they offer tons of template layout and design.

Options that you can use to create all sorts of graphics I’ve used canva to create everything from images from.

And scented workbooks to social media clothes and you don’t have to be super techie or have crazy design skills either so if you don’t already have a canva account go to cams calm and create your free account and once you’re logged in you’ll see a screen similar to this one let’s just jump right.

Let’s say I want to create a workbook as a download that you know someone to get for free if they come to.
I’m to go to us letter and defuse this template.

And whenever you create a new design you’ll see how this white working space is canvas over here and to the left this is where all.

Your design elements and everything will be you’ll see tons of templates and layout but for now I’m.

Going to use I’m gonna start from scratch and just go into uploads another great feature of canva is you can upload your own images so pretty awesome I’ve already uploaded one that I want to use for the background of this workbook cover and I.

Start with the cover first so I’m going to kind of place it where I want.

It get bigger I want it just like that great you go to elements and go to shape since this is a cover one area that I can put some text over sorry there is a.

Lock back you can also should probably mention you can change the colors of these elements – these are my you know brand colors right here these are some general ones that are primary ones are used often you can also go and choose from a color picker.

Or put in your own color code that’s great too so I’m.

Pretty happy with that color I’m going to choose a little border to go around this and I want this order to be a bit thinner so I’m just going.

To resize it and get this centered great so now it’s time for some text I’m going to put a heading and you can change there’s tons of fonts to.

– drums you can change the font – if you want and of course the.

Size you can do some text spacing and line height spacing so look at this kind of zoom up this right in the middle that.

I know I’m going to want a little smaller header need to create a capitalized you’re.

Going to play around with some of these design elements until I like what I see all right well maybe I want to do a little bit of a fun cookie font it can me and maybe other all right so let’s say I’m happy with this and I can go to add a new page so I can actually start the rest of.

Know I’m going to want a title so I can do we like to look control little step enter okay and you want to create you.

Pick up the information a little bit it can do something like this and put in maybe I’ll judge will be one and just to be white that’s right here so let’s say I.

Want a copy of this circle right here I’m just going to go up to coffee and so let’s say I didn’t just want a copy of this circle but I wanted to copy this circle with the one included instead of having to copy the circle and.

Then copy the one separately and then resize them and reposition them separately a little trick that I found to be really helpful is if you click and drag and highlight both of the elements just go right up here to group.

And now both of these elements will kind of stick together and you can resize them together.

At the same time so I just love that trick I found that far too late I think you didn’t realize that that was there and one day I somehow stumbled upon it and I was like oh my gosh this would it save me so much time if I had done this a long time ago so anyway.

I’m going to delete that and say I want to copy line this up and two one three I can do that same copy method with the text too so once you have your text that you want you can just keep clapping it down so you got to keep redoing it every time so finally.

Let’s say I’m going to do a little border around here you may want something like this maybe I want to even thinner can they get fan page that can de is just so easy I mean it’s already looking so great and I’m hardly really even doing very much or trying very hard so it’s pretty awesome how quickly you can create something that looks so professional so it can go right over here and it’s not.
Perfect but I think we get the idea so all right let’s say I’m.

Ready to download this and offer it as a free download.

Or opt in incentives on my website what I’m going to do is go right up here make sure that I.

So I can be workbook demo make sure it’s saved then I go up to downloads and.

I have the option to choose the PDF and a higher.

Resolution for print or you can just choose.

To download them as an image so I’m going to do the standard right now and.

You can choose to download either one of the pages or all of them for certain group of them so I’m just going to go download all them download and.

Here I have my workbook so easy so quick I.

Mean I can’t think of another thing that lets you create something faster or more easily so I really love canvas for this so I hope this helps you create your awesome opt-in incentive we may comment below if you.

Have any questions about creating yours or if you have any other tools that you love to use thanks and I’ll.


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