Okay part two with the last video you can see I ended from 300 to like almost 600 from now on I’m gonna do a riskier strategy to build it up a little bit and a little bit faster because this strategy goes very slow in the last video I explained what happens if you lost a couple of times so.

I made double beds a single beds and I hit a profit just a small profit but in the end the balance winds up alright second parts is a 10 C toshi 20 payouts no.

Chance we’re gonna increase by 5% every.

Time and it’s a hidden run strategy when we stop if we win I hit already at this time a low number so I’m.

Gonna try doesn’t say I will but to hit this number starting and before the balance if we hit a green number we hit a pretty big win it automatically stops because I hit payout of minus 500 second time we’re gonna do a 90 percent flip to.

The other side keep the rest the same and we still gonna wait again already green number all right the third part is 80% skip to the.

Other side and we are hoping that our balance will hold well that was a fast one next one is 17 flip to the other side and start well this is very lucky normally it doesn’t happen like this well the next part is a 16% flip to the.
Other side and wait for a green number again green.

Number next one is 50 flip to the other side wait for a green number so it’s building up till the green number and then it hits a winning streak winning streak well in this case you.

Can see from 600 below 600 to 1600 in a really fast way so the first part is starting safe to build up your balance so you can start risking this low chance so the first part was a risk of very low.

This part is a high risk but you can see in the numbers sometimes it’s on sequel luck luck luck.

Doesn’t always happen but if we win we automatically stop and focus on the next side so from now on you go to 14 13 12 3 12 11 10.

Still hit a payout after every time switching out switching up you start again with 20 and after we win 19 18 17 etc etc etc once you hit a big enough number you can increase the BET amounts but I’m not so fussy about that because when you increase the bet amount your balance will stop being as.

Important as high because it goes up very quickly because of the 5% if you hit a losing streak it goes so pretty fast so.
I would stick little low bet amounts okay that’s it for this time good luck..


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