All right everyone it has been a really long time since I’ve done a vlog so I decided to do one tonight because tonight is any cars any lifestyle we’re taking the Miata I will give you guys a little bit of insight into what I have done in the Miata so far I’m I did put a pull-up on Instagram.

Seeing if you guys wanted an edit or a vlog to reveal it it’s not in its final state yet all of you voted edit but it’s not completely done yet so I will do an edit when it’s completely done but for now I’m just gonna show you what I’ve done a little while ago a few.
A parts car which was actually my friend Benny’s car.

Who he sold to someone and then they totaled it I bought it from the.

Scrapyard for like two hundred and fifty dollars it was front end totalled completely destroyed I’ll put.

A picture up on the screen I kind of dragged it back home and I got a bunch of parts from that.

Car for this one and parted out the rest kind of made some profit on it but one of the things I got were.

These wheels they are just NK wheels nothing special just kind of your basic you know tiny dish set up there on toil proxies I had the proxies had a.

Lot of camber where on one side but the rest of the tire was basically brand new so I had my buddy Andrew whose video I will put up in the corner I had him flip the tires for me so the insides of them which are there’s a little bit of camber if you can see it’s kind of.

Lifted off the ground here because the tires stretched a little bit as well but.
The camber where it’s now on the outside and.

Not touching the ground and it’s basically brand new tire on the inside so toilet proxy 2 on ours I love them they’re super sticky the coil overs I also got off the other car they are TN flexi fully adjustable I love them they’re awesome I’ve had multiple lips and here I’ll show you what I mean if we go back to the trunk here which we’ll get to this in a minute but this.

Lip which I got a while ago I think you guys have seen a couple those with this on my.

Car it got kind of ripped in half because I kept scraping on things and it’s fallen off three times and my buddy Eli who I met at school said that he had an extra lip that he didn’t need so I put this one on about arrow.

Ten minutes ago and it looks a little bit cleaner it’s still super Jake it’s just.

Zip tight on there this isn’t the final fitment of how it’s gonna be on here it’s just gonna be.

Super jank for a little bit but it’s good enough because any cars any lifestyles tonight and I wanted a lip on the car cuz it looks significantly better so I do have to wash the.

Car today I’m gonna probably head out and wash it here pretty soon I do want to clean out the interior I’ve got a bunch of crap in there all along the back as well so I have to clean all of that out and vacuum it because I really really want the car.
To be clean tonight this is.

Kind of the last really big meat that’s local to Bellingham this flag I bought for like seven dollars at like 3:00 in the morning on eBay just because I felt like it it’s just the Rising Sun flag I like it I just kind of zip-tied it in here you guys saw as I opened the trunk but I’ll show you again my crazy zip-tie job yeah it’s kind of jank.


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