Hey there Stephen E your book coach and the bestseller guru and the Guru is within you so today is talking about how many ISBN numbers do I need so if you’re putting up your book on create space now it’s going to be Ingram spark and if you’re going to do a book all you need is just one ISBN.
Them if you’re going to do a kindle book that’s it just one ok now.

If you’re going to do your book in different ways you’re going to have it where somebody could download it you may be different ISBN numbers depending.

On how you’re going to do it if you’re going to put it up on barnes and noble.

On there Duke you’re going to have to have a different is being number for that but what I want to share with you more than anything is why are you trying to learn all this simple stuff if you’re really going out there and selling millions of books hire somebody to do all.

That stuff for you you don’t want to get tied down into doing all that kind of stuff and ordering and being on the phone and figuring out do you need a barcode or ISBN number.

Make sure you hire and build a team ok if you’re trying to learn to be a publisher don’t watch my video go watch somebody else’s video on like ISBN.

Numbers and that kind of stuff I’ll tell you right now because I know that if you’re writing a book you want to sell millions of copies the only way to do that.

Is to build a team and you watch a couple other videos of mine you probably see Michael Gerber you wrote the e-myth I mean that book.

Is a powerful book has sold millions of millions of books throughout the world you need a run your book as a business and you need to have systems into your business so you could be free and do what you’re good at be free and only stay good at what you do and hire a.

Work for you for your new business your book it doesn’t matter if you’re using your.

Book as a lead generator and you’re giving it out for free and you’re bringing people into your business.

Stay focused on your business hire other people to put up the book to put it up on create space or Amazon or hire a true publisher to do.

All that work for you don’t get caught up on all the little details stuff because if.

You do then you’re never ever gonna use your book as a lead generator to bring more clients in for your current business or sell a million copies because you’re all into doing things that you probably don’t like it’s gonna take you hours of figure out.

Something and it’s why not just hire somebody I mean if you’re going to do a oil change on a brand new card you out there in your garage do an oil change maybe because you’re rich and you’re bored and you don’t have anything else to do them do it.

But no you’re probably going to take it to the mechanic and have the mechanic do an oil change because.

You don’t want to dig into it so the same thing with their book make sure you run your.

Can focus on what you’re good at bring in money and meeting people writing that book writing that great great book spend time doing that then put another hat on and start learning marketing how do you get your book out there’s a lot of work to do with a book you have to have your.


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