Hello friends Keesha here I wanted to do a quick video on how to get started as a Kindle publisher or an internet business and where to begin and I get a lot of questions from people it’s very confusing because there are so many options out there there’s so many courses and teachers and mentors and software and so where.

Do you begin so if you want to start an internet business the best place to start is Kindle publishing because it doesn’t take a lot of money.

To get started it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of skill and if it does there are simple things you can just can learn.

Or unuse to help you and then the barrier of entry is much lower it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of long term branding or building a product.

Up and a lot of other things do require that so definitely do not think that you can watch some free video.

Courses on YouTube and be successful at it you really need to be willing to make an investment and learn some new things and be willing to learn and it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of money but.

I would recommend some specific courses that I’ll have listed below this video on what you should use begin to get started in part because a lot of the courses are very outdated or the the teacher of the course often they don’t even.

Do publishing anymore they decided to move into just making courses and make money on those and really have very little experience and what they’re actually teaching so I wanted to provide a video with some links for you of where you can get started the variant prices but I can guarantee you that all of these courses are very good I’ve been a part of all of them I know all of the teachers and.

All of the courses and I would highly recommend working with any of them so be willing to to learn and the courses these specific ones I like them because they’re it’s not an information overload I know there’s one.

Particular course out there that literally has like 200 videos for you to watch and it’s just way.

Information especially for a beginner so these particular courses it’s just enough information for you to be able to grasp it’s not magic it’s not luck it’s not tricky it’s a very very simple step-by-step processes and how to be successful and if you can follow these processes and be a little creative on your.

Own also then these courses are perfect for you so if you’re wanting to look into an online business specifically passive income definitely start with Kindle publishing.

And I have some links below here please email me if you have questions or you’re just still clear not clear where to get.

Started or what to do and I’m I’ll be glad to help you and be sure and subscribe I’ve got a lot of videos coming up and interviews coming up to help you get started and help you be successful.


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