Racing is is so emotional you get the highest highs and the and the lowest lows and and that can happen over a course of one hour in the car some sometimes you’re feeling absolutely at one with the car and you’re you’re on fire behind the wheel and nothing can go wrong I think it’s dealing with the pressure of.

Making the right decisions at the.

There the key qualities between what we do behind the wheel and the trader with IQ option it’s seeing what’s going on making the right decision to get the result that you’re.

Looking for with the the racecars it’s very much the best we could produce and it’s the same with the IQ option their platform is that it’s the best platform out there very easy to use exactly what we need in the race car lose something that we can jump.

It being too much of a problem and I’ve seen that with the IQ option platform it’s it’s something you can just come to work with straightaway deal with the pressure because there is pressure to make decisions quickly but with.

It being really easy to use it makes the that part of life easy and I’m excited about getting going and trading myself now.


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