Hey guys it’s Ollie from alcohol calm and we’re going to do another create space formatting videos today and do six by nine today which is probably the most common size so let’s get into it margins are the same as before the five by eight video top is one point nine bottom is one point nine left is one point.

Nine right is one point two seven and then you do mirror margin so it appears on both pages then the second thing is the size four six by nine your width is going to be fifteen point.

Four centimeters and your height is going to be twenty two point eight six and then we have the page numbers cert page numbers footer right and the final thing you have to do is did it did where’s my table of contents that would be why I don’t have one for this book.

So gonna insert one references table of contents insert uncheck use hyperlinks show levels I usually use two you can use four three if you.

Really want and there is a book finally save to PDF and that is your create space six by nine book very simple you can do it yourself in less than two minutes and save yourself.

Six dollars instead of hiring someone on Fiverr great if you’re first starting out if you enjoy this video.

Link in the description al gore calm uh-oh – geo are calm give you a free book my seven deadly self-publishing sins book in there you got seven common mistakes that beginners make and.


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