What’s up what’s up what’s up how you doing fellow simple for exception there’s just coming to you guys with a quick video today to talk to you guys about our one of our most recent wins inside of the Forex signals group let me zoom that back out sorry and a Forex signals group which is uh of course as.

You guys know it’s now based on the trend razor signals or the trend Racing indicator so I’m gonna actually that show you guys the indicator what it.

Like and you know how do we get our decisions so as you guys could see this trade lasted thirteen days was for the GBP cheff it was uh our entry was at one point three thousand and our take profit was at one point twenty eight hundred there.

Was no stop losses as you guys can see I took the stop losses out and as you guys can see right here this is the loop up that we had if you guys notice I start losses were roughly.

About 50 pips beforehand and we kept getting stopped out of trades because it was just you know very tight so instead of me trying to stretch them out I decided to.

Go with a little bit more moving pairs and just taking the the stop losses off and uh pretty much whenever the.

Trend racer tells us to take a stop loss we take it and whenever it tells us to take a profit we take it but in this case I have to take profits actually set beforehand just right now this is really I’m roughly gonna be doing this.

For this month and then I’m gonna transfer.

To over to to be determined take profits and to be determined stop losses but as you guys.

Can see had that loop up this trade would actually start right here at this one point thirty five fifty had it been our past previous signals these are daily charts as you guys can see right.

For thirteen days came down and hit I take profit but for plus 140 pips now let me go ahead and show you guys the actual charts with.

The trend razor pulled up so that you guys could see what this look like with the indicator on it so here’s where we’re.

Looking at right here on right here at this little cross point right here that’s the entry point I just have that as an entry point which is 1.

3 thousand and let me just pull this over a little bit so.

You guys can see sorry about that okay just put that over a little bit yeah there we got what you guys actually see the numbers well yeah 1.

3 thousand as you guys can see right here this is our entry point right here 1.

Thousand the take profit was all the way down.

Here at this yellow line which is at one point 28 60 and actually I made a screenshot I think I marked it off wrongly with that one on a screenshot but yeah it’s 1.28 60 and this is crazy I think this finished earlier this day the next new day Kendall just came in finished earlier this day but dude this thing dropped literally close to a hundred or getting closest you know 70 to 100 pips lower.
Then you know what we did I took our take profit and out of course that’s.

Why it’s important to allow the trend Reese or to choose to take profits for you but as of right now I just didn’t want to do that I wanted to get people cleaner to the signals.

So right now we’re just kind of taking them at just set places that I think is suitable as you guys can see.


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