You know Marky from Marco be calm and follow me as I’m continuing to count down my top 10 home business ideas for 2017 coming in at number eight selling ebooks okay so selling ebooks is a fantastic way to and income at home it could be side income or it could build into something quite substantial never know where it.

Can tell you it depends on the information you have now it’s defined the information is first of all you have certain skills and ability so I’m talking to a lot of people right now so I’m not really sure for me I was fantastic at helping people get jobs through writing an effective.

Cover letter and resume so what I did was I did that and I think courses on and all that something like face to face but I decided I’m going to package that up on an e-book and promote that online you can do the same thing with the information that you hold as.

I said it depends on the quality of information will really reward you in certain ways in regards to the return that you will get now you might be sitting there right now and getting okay I know I don’t really I’m good I’ve got the concept in my mind I.

Can do this however I’m not a good writer I couldn’t write a book for the life of me I’ve got a solution for you so what.

I’m going to do is you’ve got information all you need to do is write the information down the best you can and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to find someone around the world who’s going to take that information and they’re going to turn it into an e-book for you how exciting is.

That so just hang in there right now because I’m going to take you to a free website that you can sign up and you’ll be able to jump on and I’m just going to guide you through.

That website and you might be able to see the value in that and get something started all right so let’s go over to that website now okay so the website you’re going to go into is called.

Website it used to be called Elance and they’ve just changed the name so now the is I’m just working.

This through now what you do is it go in there and put your name username and password and sign up for this free account now these guys are Fanta I’ve used them a few times especially when it came to my ebook and a few other projects I had and it’s actually quite powerful guys there’s no excuses absolutely no excuse.

You’re out there thinking I’ve got this inside me I.

Want to be able to use it but I have no idea I’m showing you the way this is what you can do now what you do is on these guys will actually put together a great ebook for you and done and they’ll do it in a way and you’ll need to tell them that you want it all keyword-rich regarding the subject so that will rank really highly when you put it on a blog post or you you’re able to sell that information online that’s a couple of steps down the track but.

What you want to do is you want to get started and.

First one step number one as I mentioned before is to just write down the information the best the best you can.

What’s in your head alright it.

Doesn’t matter how sloppy it is just type it up because you’re going to send that work through to these guys now two things number one you when you join up here you can look for what they call freelancers.

Or people that are signed up to work now they’re all over the world people from India people in Pakistan people from America Canada Australia all around the world and you’re going to post your job so we’ll step you through it’s quite user friendly and and what’s going to happen is when you post it and you’ll put all the information and I’m going to stick it through you will then get responses back to you bidding for your.

Work and the prizes you can get to get these done is unbelievable I’ve had a hundred word essays on 100 with a 500 word I’ve done for me so like 20 dollars it’s crazy some guy in Pakistan but they are really really good but now just like eBay when you’re you’re buying an eBay.
You look at the seller eBay is the one.

That ranks the seller it’s based on their feedback it’s based on the work it’s based on the quality these guys are the same there are a lot of freelancers out there and these guys rate their work so when they respond back to you their credentials will come with it.

You could to see how many jobs they’ve done what their star rating is so you.

Can feel comfortable and confident using.

Them alright so it is a very safe website so also by the way if you feel that you are great at writing you can actually.

Sign up as a freelancer and post your skills and abilities and you will have people go to you well you will need.

To pitch your business to other people and they will pay you for the job so here’s another little home business opportunity there in itself but we’re looking at this particular website for people looking to write their own ebooks so what you.

Do is you you open up that if you go over put down what the subject what you want to do so you can type in ebook there I’ll put there right now your book let me just see what comes up all right so I select a category okay here we go so writing so there it is see writing there and oh here we.

Go editing and proofreading so I click there writes an e-book so you put the description there what you want them to do so be as specific if you want quality people coming back to you.

Possible so you don’t have to repeat yourself so that’s where you put you the description of the work that you want done so ie are like well there’s an example there so they help you.

I’d like you to transform my project into an e-book and so that I can publish it as an e-book I like it keyword rich in regards to the content so that Google can index me blah blah blah blah blah and this is where you can upload your attachment like a sip and here are the filters utilize these filters that you just don’t get anyone coming back to you so how.

Many freelancers do you need for this job well I only just need one if there’s any skills you might want to say that um you know that if they know any SEO work would be great with a search engine optimization also what type of project do you have or just a one-time project click that rates and availability so how do you want.

To pay I normally just just if I give them the document it’s just a fixed price don’t buy two hour trustor and you can sort of work out what what feeds you you’re willing to pay so that you as I say you just don’t get anyone there how long you want to need to get it done with in so forth so the more.

You can fill out the better okay so what have we got so far you have a concept right.

So what are you going to do when you sign the out you’re going to go away and you’re going to start thinking about what that concept is and you’re just going to start putting.

Pen to paper the hardest thing to start to learn how to like it online is that is the starting point and I’m telling you step number one is to start plotting.

In your head and then rewrite it and then move that into the best format of a book as you could possibly do which will just give you half a chance when you upload it onto.

That site once you upload that onto the site you’re going to follow those steps.

And you’re going to get responses and for a very very reasonable price you’re going to get someone write that book for you okay so to help you even further I’d love to leave you with this information as a free.

Information free download it’s a step-by-step PDF and video to create very very first ebook now.

Doesn’t matter it really brand new or you you’re quite seasoned at doing this type of thing you can still learn a whole heap of stuff on this one now if you’re really unsure I think I do one ebook on one topic well why don’t just keep pumping them out like so if you want.

To know about different topics this will help you find unlimited topics for your evil alright and you can become the it will show you or guide you how you can become.

The industry leader in that particular niche alright so I’ll leave you with that and we’ll just.

Get you started on the road to success in regards to creating your very first table okay guys that’s it for me today that’s just another one tip wonder down and look out for my next.

Top home business idea number seven I’m counting down so to check that out make sure you click my subscribe button.

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