His partner oh my goodness look it on the popcorn we got caramel kettle corn better did you see this one how much you think the cocoa is $10 less me this one is going to be $13 oh look at the Alice in Wonderland oh that one’s got a chica yeah it does that’s good I thought it was three.

Cups so it’s like oh look at the easel $15.

You like that one I didn’t like those oh we got the cookies character cookies mini ones here’s a tea for people who like TV here’s on the mug that one is really cute 16 forget the deaf incited Jacqueline that’s cool has two.
Faces 22 here’s a Jack poppy we got Jack hair oh yeah I think these are.

Marshmallow I don’t know I think I mean they’re like marshmallow they’re $5.

99 oh my gosh candy candy everywhere look at all these chocolates.

We got chocolate-covered pretzel peanuts white chocolate assorted chocolate oh look at this candy rock and there’s Thomas Brooks tomorrow victim own right oh yeah we’ve had cotton candy oh.

Look they got the animal crackers here – jelly bean oh that’s just pure sugar right there what do we want unite their cake pop right here oh yeah we in the field look at these ones how cute.

They smell I smell apple blossoms they do smell oh my god smelly oh these are new oh my gosh neither new we.

Need their where they call you Buffy Oh a stitch one where does he smell like I think they all smell like apple blossom.

Oh yeah how much are they I know they’re eight bucks apiece any foam if you use your thumb if he passed it’s by a to smell I smell it there’s a really kid I like that we could get a couple of them come and see we should get I like to stitch oh yeah Donald’s cute I like the Donald er stitch Goofy and Donald wow.
That’s cool look at that tail on that it wraps around you.

You could like have it around your neck what is that oh is that on Pegasus from Hercules I guess I’m Hercules right you never seen Hercules what are you talking about oh look at wind up in.

That’s the one you have look at you he is cute his head is really huge oh yeah that is funny here wrap it around her so it wraps around you that’s funny I said don’t.

Smell like apple blossom – 4:40 did you see thumper over here you guys these I think this one I think that’s how I remember I need to get out I need to get something tonight on Christmas shoebox ha for our shoebox the charity shoebox all of it there’s.99 I don’t know I don’t know what I should get it for a boy or a girl well I’m gonna do an older girl and I think you.

Should do one your age oh look dog bowls ha ha ha funny they’re pretty tiny huh look at these Wow oh these have a letter on them you.

Need a are look at these rings here they are so they’re color-coordinated prices those other prices yeah ears or these are pens what is this one well these are magnets all over this bitch one he’s cute I think what happens like that is here who’s thinking up.

In the cat one you see the goofy one it’s funny oh look at the glove one you need the station oh yeah oh look at these ones there Stephanie.


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