Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be a shop with me I’m gonna bring you guys Trader Joe’s and I’m gonna grab some of my staple stuff and then we get back to the house we’re gonna do a haul be sure to like this video and subscribe if you’re interested to see more.

Content from me but let’s go ahead and get started I tried this before this is a really good like meatless option it’s really good and it only 329 try walking like they threw really so we are back in.

The house and China has thankfully brought in all the groceries for me to share with you guys all the things that we got now a couple of the things that our did pick up are new and I definitely wanted to share with you guys.

So let’s get with this haul so I can put everything away I take out all the cold stuff so I’m gonna try to go through this as quickly as I can starting off with the first thing these are the Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwiches.

I mean China started this little trend that every time we would go into Trader Joe’s we would try one of their desserts and this is one of the ones that we stuck to and it’s so good the cookie of the sandwich stay so soft it just amazes me like how it’s not tough or anything like that just.

Vanilla ice cream sandwich between two chocolate chips and it’s rolled in mini chocolate chips they thing is so good you guys I highly recommend that you guys try these out the next thing that I find us always repurchasing are these.
There’s fully cooked I found these when I.

Was wanting to do a crock pot meal where I think it’s like barbecue sauce and grape jelly these really.

Recommend they’re really good size and like I said they’re fully cooked I don’t do a lot of the beef products or anything like that so turkey meatballs for us is like the way to go now this is a repurchase China always finds itself getting it is the mandarin orange chicken it’s a savory dish.

Of tendered battered chicken with mandarin orange ginger sauce this is really inexpensive him and Ayden eat it all the time now and I did try this but I don’t like dark meat I like white meat so we’ll eat this at all but I have tried it before and try to always get this.

Thing and I think this is one of the things actuator Jones that has like a little placard that says it’s like a really popular item at Trader Joe’s I go between getting brown rice and jasmine rice but they were all out of the jasmine rice so I picked up a brown rice I love these things these things are so.

Convenient rice takes forever to cook these.

Are precooked frozen around the rice packets that you just cut a little slit out the side and cook it for.

Three minutes and it comes with three bags and like I said these things are so good if you cook rice or have cook rice before that.

You know that it takes forever to cook brown rice is really good it’s not dry or anything like that and I really love their jasmine rice but they were.

All out so because they didn’t have the other box of jasmine rice I decided to pick up the Trader Joe’s or a fully cooked organic quinoa I’ve tried this before a while ago but I haven’t revisited so I decided to go ahead and pick this up it’s in.


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