Hey guys it’s Janelle here also known as ciaochao 808 welcome back to another video so today it’s my birthday it’s my birthday yay yeah so today is my birthday but this past weekend my fiance and I we went to Disneyland I should say we just went to California Adventure but we went there just to spend we spent the.

Whole Saturday there well almost the whole Saturday he spent the Saturday driving there and the rest of the day was spent at California Adventure so that was really fun and then we went ahead on Sunday we did a lot of I did a lot of shopping but I just wanted.

To do a quick little haul for you guys to show you guys what I got.

Also just to kind of talk about some things that you might be interested to get people for Christmas I know it’s still October and we’re still far ways out from Christmas but its number too early to start looking and start planning so yeah but anyhow we’re gonna jump into the hull sorry if I’m spinning have yet to have.

My coffee so I’m a little tired um but the first thing that I want to show you are my mini head bags so whenever I go to Disneyland um not whenever I go it’s just kind of recently I’ve been loving to pick I love picking.

Up new mini ears so I have a rose gold would I have the one for the 60th anniversary and then now I have these two so this one I got because I could not find this Halloween themed one so this is a gold sequined headband with a.

Black and gold bull here now my fiance we were looking at the bows and he was like you should get this one cuz it’s more like the Steelers colors and they look that like looks more like the Saints colors to me but I like it because I do really like gold on my complexion I.

Was thinking about getting the silver bow or the hollow.

Bow that they had but it just I didn’t think I would match with it as well so.
I really do love this and I like the fact.

That it’s kind of basic so even if we were to go when it’s not like a specific theme like it’s not the sixtieth anniversary it’s not Halloween I think.

This would be a great bow to have because it’s so classic that in him match with a lot of different things now this bow was the one that I really really really really really wanted to pick.

Up so this is the but mini a Halloween bow and so it’s orange.

All over the bow itself is black and orange a sequin and then the orange are in little circles I don’t know.

If he can tell but I was searching high and low at California Adventure for this particular boat I did not find it there so I had to go I’ve actually ended up going to world of color I think that’s what it’s called at Downtown Disney and that’s where I found him but I do think that if you’re in the actual Disneyland Park you’ll probably be able to find it but like I said we just stayed at California Adventure because I really wanted to check out Pixar Pier so.

Yeah but I love this I was on the hunt for this the moment we step foot on Disney property I really really wanted this so I’m so happy glad I got it so those that.

Added to my boat collection and then I added a couple of pins to my.

Pink collection so I know I might not look like it but I love collecting these Disney pins I really really do and one of my favorite things to do at the parks are by the mystery of impacts so I didn’t really find oh sorry this is my um lanyard that has my pins that I’m.

Willing to trade I need to organize it a little bit more now since I’ve added a couple of pins on to it but the first but I’m sorry not the first I picked up this new blind bag collection and it’s the popsicle collection and it’s no cute I love it so I’m.

Gonna show you a couple of ones from there so these are the ones that I got you can see I have.

A Jack Skellington one I have riah Sully allele oh and then I also.

Have I don’t know what this one is can someone tell me it looks like one of the stepsisters dresses from Cinderella but I don’t think they would do that so I’m not too sure what just this one is then you.

Have Pluto and then on the other side I have I have Minnie I have baymax I have the Cheshire.

Cat I have Donald Duck and so I love them very so cute so I bought two of them and I really really wish I.

Bought a third one because I got lucky on the two of them and did not have any duplicates but any duplicates that I would have had I would have trade it for something else but yeah I did purchase a one of the two avoided of the mystery.

Packs it has two of them smiling Mickey’s in it so these are the two that I got and I didn’t know what they looked like.

So honestly I’m not that impressed with it I probably would trade them and I went around the park looking at the difference of pin sight some of the employees and kiosks had and there was nothing really that stood out to me and I have a lot of incomplete sets and incomplete stuff.

But I do have a letter I have two of them actually behind me that have complete sets of things and sets our concise but collections and stuff that I do want to keep the ones on this one besides up the new ones that I purchase or the new.

Ones that I got on this trip they’re the ones that I’m willing to give up however I’m thinking Bree thinking about giving up the jungle book one just because I kind of like it I don’t know.

But anyhow those were the new pins that I added to my lanyards now.

Here’s the thing I looked online you can’t get these packs online you so you’ll have to get them in in.

Disney itself the parks but if you’re into collecting pins I definitely think you should check these out they also had other blind bags of pin sets that you could get collectible Vincent so I really love these oh I wish I.

Had one more regrets right and then I also picked up sense of we’re going into Christmas and Walmart had like this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous tree skirt and it reminded.

Me of Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast and last year I had like a frozen and / Elsa themed Christmas tree so this year I wanted to have a Beauty and the Beast themed Christmas tree it’s weird I know I themed my Christmas trees.

But it’s kind of a tradition that that my family started we used to.

Have things for our Christmas trees all the time so we would.

Always change it up so it was never the same and I found this gorgeous ornaments at the Disney Store now I’m gonna tell you as I’m recording this this thing is on sale at shop disney.com for like 20 bucks I paid 25 so you get to save a little money but I love this it’s just the Rose enchanted Rose and guess what it lights up I was.

So excited but it lights up.

And look how gorgeous that is so I absolutely love this and I saw my eyes almost jumped out of my head when I saw it because I was like this.

The tree this year so I love that and everything if I can find it online I’ll go ahead and link it down below for you guys so the next thing I.

Guess I should talk about since it’s easy and it’s enriched here it’s my Pandora bracelet I actually bought a new Pandora charm when I go to Disneyland.

I like to buy something that’s who collaborate the trip by I don’t know I mean I know I live close and I tend to go kind of often not that often but you know a little more than other people but I still like to buy stuff to commemorate the trip and so before I was Alex and Ani bracelets and I still love those.

I still won’t pull them into a look but ever since I got this Pandora bracelet she wasn’t so easy so I went ahead and picked up a new car and I got this mini ear like look how cute but it’s so cute I figured it was perfect because I always like to pick up a new set of many ears and ever so yeah so that’s that um I don’t.

Know what’s in the bag so I just kind of put everything that I bought in the bag and we’re just gonna go through it um so if you guys are huge cute stationery lovers you need to go and check out check this out at the park so these are sticky notes and look how adorable that is.

It’s so cute I have so many regrets of not getting all of them because I can’t find it online so um but these are the sticky notes set I don’t know if it’s.

Called anything but this one has.

The popcorn the many ears the castle that says I live in Fantasyland and then a little notebook of like Mickey signing his autograph so see look how cute that is so if you like that definitely goes to the parks and check that out then I got a Mickey glove from the home store because I didn’t know where.

Our oven mitt month so I figured why not I can be I can have a little mini souvenir today I also picked up magnets.

Because they’re so stinking cute I try and pop it okay they have like this whole collection of like their Park foods and stuff animal form and it’s so cute I wanted them daily $15 each I was so tempted to get the Dole Whip but then I was like.

Put it you know that’s using my issue and then I also got some stuff for.

Some people so I picked up one of the caramel popcorn from I forgot what it was called but it.

Was something confections and then I got another widest so I like to pick up.

Was gonna take one of these to work but our friend they were like we never invited like yeah that’s also bad but they really wanted to go there like.

Thanks for the invite why don’t you ask us and so I felt kinda bad so I think so I’m giving it to my workplace I’ll just go ahead and give one of these to them the other one is for Bryan’s.

Parents so there’s that and then I also picked up this three Mickey ears chocolate coins because I don’t know why not I just had no I don’t know it was just I was in the moment I guess I bought my parents another one of these but.

It’s the chocolate caramel with sea salt so that sounded like right up my family’s alley then I picked up a couple of things for my sister’s so Lauren my youngest sister she was always on the lookout for rings but they’re never fitting her so I figured that this one it’s like what is it called you can change.

It you can change the sizing of it so fit and um she’s not born in September but her birthstone is like in know like she’s white in.

November her birthstone is like a yellow and it did not look good so I went ahead and picked up one that looked really pretty and so that’s that and she tests to wear a lot more silver jewelry than gold I don’t know where she came from but whatever I’m kidding and then for Marissa my middle sister I went ahead and picked her up this Elsa.

Keychain she loves keychains she was actually looking asking me for a for headphones.

But I couldn’t find headphones so I picked up this keychain and because it was not close to the cost of that ring I also picked her up another keychain which I love and I secretly want for myself but look how cute oh sorry there’s like hair on it but look how cute it’s like the mini rose gold ears and is so cute it’s heavy but it’s really really cute I really like that so that’s what I thought for.

The sisters and the family here everywhere ah so gross well I’m.

Am seriously like a four-year-old at heart and I love my stuffed animals and if you know me you know I have a problem with stuffed animals it might not.

Show but like seriously I have such a problem I like to keep some of my stuffed animals and my computer home with me so I have a little baby Pegasus so when I was there last year when we were there I really wanted to pick up a baby pool but I we went to Disneyland and baby pool was not there so I was so upset I was so so.

Upset so this year when I went I had to pick up a little.

Baby boy he’s so cute look at that and I love this format.

Of the babies when I purchased um Pegasus here it had a blanket that was just kind of wrapped around it so this one you actually have like a little pouch and it’s so cute so I took the plastic tab off but there was like a plastic tab that was.

Like attached to him like this and so you have him like that but I kept him on my closet door right here hanging and he was just hanging out.

He’s so cute though and then look at him you can take him out of the little pouch and then you have little baby pool it’s so cute and then on this blanket it’s so cool because you have like hey hey you have the Maui’s hook you have mallanna’s paddle so it was really cool I thought there was.

A lot of thought and he’s really great design put into that but I’m so happy I finally have baby pool and so when I was looking for baby pool actually know when.

We were in line for the in credit go sticker yeah that’s where I saw this guy had a little Sully head peeking out of his backpack and it was not just any Sully head it was a baby looking Sully and so I tell my fiance like I want that and I will legitimately snatch that out of his backpack because I want it so badly and now I got my little baby Sully he’s so cute oh my goodness like I just love him he’s.

So cute um but this is little baby Sully and – I call him baby Sully but it’s not really part it’s not part of the baby collection that they have but he just looks like a little baby so I love that I love him he’s so.

Cute oh and before I forget I also picked up another thing from the Disney home sorry my coffees in here right now so really my coffee much needed but it’s this Rapunzel cup and I don’t really see many Rapunzel things and I love the movie Tangled I think it was just so beautifully done the songs are amazing there’s some of my.

Favorite Disney songs and I don’t really see a lot of Rapunzel things like I do um like the pens and stuff so I wanted to pick this up it barely hold.

A 10 ounce cup of coffee so just so you’re aware barely holds that but I think it was so cute because they integrated the little castle and even here you can.

See there’s a little door so they had other cups like this and so they had felt like a Belle themed wine with a stack of books they had Ariel and I think it was her.

Hair I think for Ariel and Jasmine it was their hair because it’s so noticeable but um I just loved this cup so so much it was so gorgeous and so well dine so I needed a little.

More coffee but yeah so I have a couple more things that I wanted to show spiney de go get them out of the refrigerator okay so I ain’t kind of started this.

Last year and I wanted to keep it up but last year my dad and my family really loved caramel apples and so I love Disney’s careful I post.

Because they always seem to theme it around whatever time of the year it is and just it’s just so pretty I love them so I went ahead and picked up a caramel apple for them and I got it in the Evil Queen it’s just I think it’s dark chocolate with caramel and the Apple so I went ahead and got that for them and then I picked up little cake treats and so I have the moon in the back so I think this is red.

Velvet I picked this up last year as a wall really really cute and I picked up a poison apple one and I dropped it so I might have cracked it but.

It’s a cake pop look at how cool that is I love that so that’s chocolate flavor as well and believe it or not I would didn’t eat them because I was waiting for this videos.

For me to record this video that is my business line California Adventure Hall I hope you guys enjoyed it I want to know what your favorite thing to get at Disneyland is let me know in the comments down below or if you want go ahead and link me to the link at chopped Disney comm so I can.

See what you love to purchase when you’re there my heart is so complete it was such.

A good birthday weekend um but yeah.

Anyhow I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in my next one you.


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