Hey what’s going on guys did you guys hear wanted to show you guys that’s when you take your beginning pistol and pack a punch because it’s a different pistol it’s not the Mustang and Sally anymore and when you pack a punch it is actually a another pistol call to Boothill done as you’ll see me grabbing it right here.

And this thing is awesome honestly I think that this thing is probably close to better than the ray gun I hate to say it but I mean I’ll do it like a comparison video if you guys want between this and the ray gun but this thing does work.

It does do collateral damage you can see right here will kill more than one zombie with a shot so because of that you.

Can see right there is a Klatt because of that this gun can be really powerful and fifty 50 bullets the downside is there’s only like a ninja in the remaining part of it so it’s 50 and 80 for this gun but you can see it just does some work around 25 even it just it’s just destroying these guys so really cool gun check it.

Out pack-a-punch it’s not Mustang and Sally again for your beginning Mauser gun it is realism and it is that house anyway subscribe for more videos check the playlist in the description and we’ll get you guys later peace.


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