You know what’s going on guys these guys here I wanted to show you guys just a quick little clip here and a little tip if you complete the challenges of the chests when you actually pull the box and if you don’t pick them up one at a time if you just come over and grab all of them or.

Of them it actually does a kind of a random select thing at the box and you’ll notice that I had a pack a punch gun that popped up there and then it went away now I’m gonna pull the box again and you’ll see that I end.

Up getting something else I get thunder fist but I thought for sure I was like well I.

Already missed my pack a punch gun so I I don’t get another pack a punch gun but.

You can see that I still have the challenge completed for the pack a.

Punched weapon so because I didn’t pick up the gun when you pulled from the chest.

Again it actually ends up still being there so you can use.

If you need be if you don’t end up picking up the weapon just so you.

Guys know it’s not like the mystery box and it doesn’t disappear when it goes down thought I’d let you guys know that hopefully you guys found this a little bit helpful and yeah I don’t know kind of crazy I just thought this was kind of interesting that that is the way.

It is I ended up pulling a stupid right here and there getting down can you believe that seriously this is the way I play so bad anyway kind of interesting that you can get more than one pack a.

Punch gun from the box but once you pick it up then you only get that one gun so please don’t pick it up according to you’re in good hands you pick it up with our teaching date or a future time hopefully you guys watch this enjoyed and subscribe if you’re new check the place for more origin videos later guys you.


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