Hi I’m Simone jump after a period of research under film and television industry we found that the development of IT not only improve the product quality of the film and the television but also provide the benefits to its promotion for example the Netflix application can recommend movies of nearby cinemas and upcoming TV shows this other type of program.

And actors the users like so IT will also also have a certain impact of the eldest strategy in this industry IT is used to make products and the movement exists in the form of integer access at this time auditor should pay more attention and evaluation evasion.

Of Interpol SS to ensure the accuracy of the value of the book over in the view of the sporadic and.

Risky characteristics after the intangible assess it should be contacted detailed of this thank you hi my name is city of to answer the question – of whether film and television – we need or effort we.
Have to acquire knowledge of the.

Function and responsibility of audit and also special characteristic of film and television industry.

Will high percentage and also the value of intangible assets such as copyright has no active market to acquire fair value therefore the value can be manipulated by a company to achieve financial purpose Helen Forrest Religulous action as most of the film shooting cost among multinational currency they also had a.

Current of the currency exchange rate misusing which may lead to the financial misstatement as the auditor has.

A responsibility and competence to land and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial.

Statement have reopened material misstatement and whether caused by error fraud therefore the film and television industry need expert audit thank you hi I’m going control encourage all German economic there are.

Two factors and they were customers with financial losses in this company cause the expenditure is greater than the income the company had not carried also substantive element therefore the business condition hello I’m Ian responsible for a chaotic matter of TV and film.
Industry the auditors should be concerned about where.

Giraud programming right and production curves are completely discussion due to production.

Process is to include a lot of imagined copyright and intelligent impatient of our storyboard the present production technology which.

Is hard for deter to check and investigate of it because a bit of knowledge the solving method related to this can be carried out or did something severe by professional staff also.

The analytical procedure can be used by comparing the expected it’s best with actual expense to see whether there are material errors also we can judge whether the account payable completely record based on tax payment a book is my research presentation about today about one of the key of winners of firms and television industry if I’m the arbiter the most inefficient matter to me is.

The box-office income calculation matter for phone companies a large numbers of films will be released globally every year with tens of thousands of countries cities and theaters different countries and regions have different buying power which is very different in terms of price in this case.

Office as doumitt first reporting organization either resolution extracting samples of the marriage knows me more about Saudis compare the expected box office with the actual box office.

To see if there is a big pack compared the audience favorite to the movie and box office to see if there is a big the.
Above is my video presentations and promotion..


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