A nightmare garden of lava has been found 14 thousand seven hundred feet four thousand five hundred meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean pictured share this article share 12 shares the world’s deepest volcanic eruption has created a hellish four five mile seven kilometers wide landscape of black glassy tendrils under the speed scientists have revealed this strange landscape.

Called the mariana back-arc is where the Pacific tectonic plate subducts beneath the Philippines the plate the arc is a.

Zone of seafloor spreading and active volcanism according to the study published in frontiers in earth science the volcano was discovered by researchers searching for new hydrothermal vents sites the new lava flows range in thickness between.
130 and 450 feet 40 140 meters dr.
Chadwick said that in the last 30 years scientists utilizing improved technology and exploration methods have.

Detected evidence of about 40 undersea eruptions the new observations showed a rapidly declining hydrothermal system on the lava flows suggesting the eruption had taken place only months before its discovery the previous year.


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